Bungie Makes Big Moves to Aid Anti-Cheat in Destiny 2

It looks like Destiny 2 players are finally getting what we’ve all been hoping to get for quite some time. Anti-cheat in Destiny 2 (or rather…a form of it). Let’s talk about it!

PerfectAim cheating software for Destiny 2

PerfectAim was a popular cheat for Destiny 2 as it was undetectable by Bungie’s anti-cheat software, so there was really no way of stopping it. PerfectAim provided quite a variety of cheats and hacks such as:

  • Aimbotting
    • Player/NPC aimbot
    • Custom FOV
    • Lock on target (or toggling)
    • Movement prediction
    • Bullet drop prediction
    • Team check
  • ESP
    • Player ESP
    • NPC ESP
    • Custom colors
  • Radar
    • Auto-rotate
    • Customizable location
    • Custom size
    • Custom range
    • Custom colors
  • Miscellaneous
    • Flyhack
    • Noclip
    • Instant respawn
    • OPK (teleport NPC to crosshair)
    • Teleport
    • Speedhack
    • Custom crosshair

…and even more than what is listed. Yikes.

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Fortunately, Bungie has (finally) put an end to this service as they have issued a cease and desist against PerfectAim as of October 17, 2020. The service made a statement regarding Bungie’s decision:

“We won’t comment on whether these claims are justified or not, but have decided to comply with this demand regardless. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers.”

Credit: PerfectAim

Many Destiny 2 players are over the moon about this announcement, as popular Destiny 2 player, CammyCakes states:

Credit: Twitter

A good start. Well said, Cammy. While this is a very good start, Bungie still has a long way to go when it comes to anti-cheat in Destiny 2.

Hopefully this can be seen as a sign to come for Bungie’s stance on cheating in Destiny 2 as players have been incredibly vocal about their disapproval of Bungie’s handling of the situation lately. I can’t imagine the situation is completely over as PerfectAim will likely try to overturn Bungie’s claims, but until then…hackers begone!!

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