Bungie Reveals Updates For Destiny 2 in New ViDoc

Bungie released a new ViDoc this morning at 7am PT (10am EST) and with it came a lot of information. You can watch the ViDoc below! (Also…MAJOR SPOILERS ahead…you’ve been warned)

“Beyond Light kicks off the next…trilogy of stories that we’re trying to tell with Destiny”

Credit: YouTube

There’s honestly so much to unpack here I don’t even know where to begin. We got a glimpse at the new Stasis damage type, new exotics, returning characters, and lore galore (okay..I thought that was funny). Let’s just dive right in.

Civil War

In Season of Arrivals, Eris and a certain blue bald-headed member of the Vanguard are constantly at each other’s throats in regards to the Darkness. Eris wants to study it and Zavala wants to destroy it. In Season 12 (as we now know will be called Season of the Hunt), this fighting will end and we will truly see who was right and who wasn’t (according to Luke Smith).

Worlds Deleted

Zavala with Osiris and Cabal

“This next year in Destiny is really just about how all the different characters and factions are reacting to these disappeared destinations and what that means as the Pyramids have arrived in our system–not for the first time, but for the second time.”

Credit: YouTube

As players may know, most of the Year 1 destinations are being removed from the game so that it’s easier to work with and so that it doesn’t pull a Call of Duty Modern Warfare and take up 250+ gigabytes of storage. The way that Bungie is removing these destinations actually ties into the story and lore of Destiny, so the decision is not just affecting players–it’s actually affecting everything in-game as well. Season of Arrivals has focused on how to prepare for this event, and Season of the Hunt will focus on the aftermath and how we deal with it in-game.

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Why Did The Darkness Invite Us Here?

Guardian and Ghost

For the first time since the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019, Guardian actually has some dialogue! “Why did the Darkness invite us here?” he asks, as I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing. It’s nice to see that Bungie is leaning into player dialogue more and more as it’s always badass when the Guardian speaks. Hopefully we get a lot more of it in Beyond Light.

Killer Destination…literally

This time around, Bungie is implementing something incredibly new to Destiny with its “new” location, Europa. While Europa will be an entirely new experience to players, it’s actually been planned since the launch of Destiny 1 as it was shown in a Destiny launch press conference where it was presented as concept art. What Bungie is doing differently with Europa is adding a dynamic weather system. This seems to have been extremely popular lately as a benchmark to test what games are capable of, as the PlayStation exclusive Days Gone also featured this as a highlight of the game itself. Bungie is marketing Europa as a very dangerous, very illusive, killer planet. Not only is it killer in its design, but it could quite literally kill you or your enemies with its blizzards and harsh weather conditions. “The sound of the wind, the ice, will change based on what the weather is looking like. You’ll actually feel every piece of the environment changing around you to match the storm.”

Deep Stone Crypt

Possibly Deep Stone Crypt raid

So…I see a big landing zone, I see a big door, I see 6 Guardians. Do I see the entrance to the new Deep Stone Crypt raid? I would be hard-pressed to believe this is anything other than the new 6-player endgame raid coming with Beyond Light. Unfortunately, this looks like this may be the only shot we get from (what appears to be) the Deep Stone Crypt raid, as I’m sure Bungie wants to keep this pretty under-wraps until launch.

New Tools

Hunter gear screen

As Bungie states, Stasis is not just a set of new supers it is an entirely brand new damage type. As shown in the image above (shoutout to the UI/UX team at Bungie for dark mode by the way) the Darkness subclass will stand on its own on the right of the other subclasses rather than sitting together with them. Another thing that I noticed is at the bottom of the image, where the Seasonal Artifact rests. This artifact does not look like the shard of Darkness that Bungie has been showing off, which led myself and many others (especially Paul Tassi) to believe that this would, in fact, be the Seasonal Artifact for Season of the Hunt. Either this is a placeholder icon, or we were all bamboozled and the Darkness shard is not the artifact. Although this new artifact does look like a Hive..uh..”thing”? This would make sense as the seasonal story will have players warding off Hive knight and sister of Oryx and Savathun, Xivu Arath.

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Season of The Hunt

Uldren Sov and a Ghost

Yep…Uldren Sov is back and “better” than ever in Season of the Hunt. After being resurrected by an unknown ghost post-Forsaken, Uldren Sov has returned once again, this time donning the name “Crow” with no knowledge of his past life, Crow has no idea that he killed Cayde-6 and it is now up to the Guardian to trust and work with him and Osiris to ward off Xivu Arath and her Hive army. It’s really cool to see that Bungie is leaning into the lore of Destiny, as Xivu Arath has been a very heavy influence in the game behind the scenes with the relationship between Xivu Arath, Oryx, and Savathun.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light roadmap
Credit: Bungie

It looks like Season of the Hunt will last from November-February, so it seems like the timeline is balancing out from the extended Season of Arrivals. Here’s a list of everything on the roadmap for Season of the Hunt so far…

  • 11/10 Beyond Light Launch
  • 11/10 Seasonal Artifact and Reward Track Unlocked
  • 11/10 Empire Hunts Begin
  • 11/10 The Glassway Strike Opens
  • 11/10-1/12 Uncover Europa’s Secrets
  • 11/13 Adept Weapons Added to Trials
  • 12/8 First Iron Banner
  • 12/15-1/5 The Dawning

Well…that was a lot. There’s bound to be some things I missed and I’m sure that the longer people have to pick through frame by frame, there will be even more to discover. Let me know what I missed in the comments down below!

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