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Call of Duty Cold War: XM4 and Others GA’d

Unlike other esport leagues, Call of Duty has a long history of specific items, attachments, or other aspects that are banned. This time it’s the Cold War XM4 being added to the gentlemen’s agreement.

Specific items, attachments, or other aspects that are banned are usually ones that provide an unfair advantage, which is fine for casual play but ruins the competitive integrity of professional play. However, the official rules only ban specific things, while the Pros create GA’s that add to the professional rules.

The term GA’d: refers to the idea of an item being banned or restricted due to a “gentlemen’s agreement”. As reported by CDL Intel, the XM4 has been GA’d.

Tweet Credit: @INTELCallofDuty

The impact of this is significant as the Cold War XM4 was one of the most influential guns for stage 1 and the first major. Previously the AK-47 had already been GA’d, leaving the CDL pros with only 3 out of the original 5 assault rifles left.

Additionally, it also means that there will be one less longer-range weapon available to the pros, as all snipers, and all tactical rifles are already part of the GA list.

Tweet Credit: Clayster

In reaction to the addition of the Cold War XM4 to the GA’s list, several CDL pros were upset that assault rifles are continually being banned, sub-machine gun players still are allowed to use the beloved AK-74u.

Tweet Credit: @INTELCallofDuty

CDL Intel also reports that the Muzzle Break 5.56 and Spetsnaz Compensator on the sub-machine gun, AK-74u will also be GA’d.

Tweet Credit: @LewTeeCod

It was also reported that European Challengers players will also be adding the QBZ to the gentlemen’s agreement list as well.

This would mean that for European Challengers players, the only guns assault rifles (or long-ranged weapons) available to the pros are the Krig-6 and the FFAR 1. This would mean that 3 out of the original 5 assault rifles would not be allowed for competitive usage.

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