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Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major Bracket and Schedule are Set

After a fantastic first Major and a very unpredictable few weeks of group play matches, the bracket and schedule for the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major are finally in place.

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Here’s how the groups played out during Stage 2 of the 2021 Call of Duty League:

If you’re new to competitive Call of Duty, teams get placed into a group and then must face off against every other team within that group. The better a team performs in these matches, the less work they will have to do in the actual tournament.

To no one’s surprise, Atlanta FaZe finished at the top of Group A. However, things got more interesting over in Group B; Minnesota Rokkr were able to clinch the first seed after OpTic defeated Empire in their last match of group play.

Remember how I said that the better a team performs, the less work they will have to do? Take a look at the bracket below and see what I mean.

Since FaZe and Rokkr were able to finish at the top of their respective groups, they are rewarded with a first-round bye, meaning they are immediately through to round 2 of the tournament. What that means is for either of those two teams, it’s possible for them to win the entire event while only playing 3 series.

For a team that finished at the bottom of their group, it’s a much steeper mountain to climb. If you take a look at a team like Thieves or Mutineers, they will have to fight through 7 series and traverse the entire elimination bracket flawlessly to win the event.

What’s really interesting this time around is how close Group B actually was. Every single team in that group went either 3-2 or 2-3, and many of those series could have gone either way. This gives the second major a massive amount of unpredictability because the three bottom teams in Group B could have just as easily started in the winner’s bracket, and vice versa.

Unlike the last event where it was virtually unanimous that FaZe would win it all, the second time around is a lot more complicated. Rokkr, Surge, and Guerrillas appear to finally be clicking together, and teams like OpTic, Subliners, and Empire remain a threat. With FaZe taking a loss to the Guerrillas earlier this week, people are getting the idea that anything is possible when it comes to who will take home this trophy.

It’s all going to come down to who hits form when it really matters. Will Atlanta FaZe take home their second tournament win, or will there be a huge upset with a team fighting all the way from the lower bracket? It all goes down this week.

Take a look at the schedule for CDL 2021 Major 2 below.

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