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Call of Duty Mobile Makes Bank in its First Year

Call of Duty Mobile

When Activision launched Call of Duty Mobile, it was initially met with some technical issues including network and data issues, some players reported that they were stuck at the loading screen with no hope that the rest of the game’s data would download. While Activision told players that they were working on a fix, it would take some time for the game to take off after the launch fiasco.

Fast forward a year later, it seems that Activision has turned the faulty mess of a launch product into a record-breaking cash cow.

Call of Duty: Mobile made $480 million dollars between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. $215 million of that came from just the U.S. playerbase.”

Credit: GameRant
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This is a major revenue milestone for Activision, especially due to the fact that the game itself is Free to Play, with the only ability to generate revenue being microtransactions. Even though the numbers bode well for the future of the game, that may not be the only factor that influences the success of the shooter. Recently, Activision has implemented a “gambling style” system for its microtransactions. This system utilizes randomized loot boxes in order to incentivize players to purchase in-game currency known as “COD Points”, while more mainstream Call of Duty games such as the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare has done away with this form of randomized cash-grabbing, it seems that Activision hasn’t learned their lesson with Call of Duty: Mobile and players are furious. While the player base isn’t too thrilled with these changes, it seems that they still make plenty of purchases, enough to support the game and bolster its revenue to chart-topping highs.

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