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Call of Duty Mobile Season 12: What Do We Know?

While not much is yet confirmed about the new season, we can make some assumptions about what we can expect from Call of Duty Mobile Season 12...

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Release Date

Season 11 began on October 15, and as the in-game countdown timer shows..there isn’t much time left until Season 12 arrives. Season 11 is set to wrap up on November 10 at 8pm EST, so players should expect the next season to come at about the same time with maybe a day in between to figure out servers, updates, and any other potential issues that the update may bring. Though there has been no official confirmation of this, so it is possible that there could be a delay (perhaps due to Coronavirus hindering development plans).

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Battle Pass

COD Mobile Battle Pass
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As with every new season of what seems like every game out right now, Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 will also bring players a new “Battle Pass.” If you haven’t been playing video games in the last year or two, a “Battle Pass” is a reward system that allows players to rank up and earn rewards either freely with limited rewards or players can purchase a premium track (typically about $10 USD) to increase the rewards received. This has been the most highly adopted microtransaction (MTX) model since Epic Games capitalized on the model with Fortnite with many developers following suit. The Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass has previously seen weapons, skins, in-game currency known as COD Points, and many more cosmetics and items added in previous Battle Passes. Players can expect that Season 12 will also introduce new characters, weapons, and plenty more rewards in the next iteration of the Battle Pass.

Lastly, the Alcatraz Battle Royale map will be leaving at the end of the season. That’s about all we know about Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 so far, what do you hope to see added with the new update? What would you like to see removed? Let us know in the comments down below!

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