Call Of Duty Prestige System Is Dead, Black Ops Cold War Leak Suggests

Despite fan disapproval, the Call of Duty Prestige System doesn’t seem to be returning to the franchise with Black Ops Cold War. 

Do you remember it? That… Feeling of achievement? Each time you clicked “continue” when it would repeatedly ask you if you were ready? The pressure of using your Prestige Token wisely, making sure you pick a weapon late-enough in the unlock tree so as to not waste it… But, you’d still have to choose the one you used a lot? 

Well, it seems that feeling may be gone for good. The rumor that the Call of Duty Prestige System is not returning to the franchise has popped up again. This time, it’s from a supposedly reputable source and it’s a lot closer to release. 

Call of Duty Prestige System Replaced By Seasonal Levelling For Good?

Currently, Modern Warfare operates on a Seasonal Levelling System. Essentially, 55 is the highest rank, yet also the base for this system. So, no matter what level you reach in Modern Warfare and Warzone in a season… When that ends, you’re dropped back down to rank 55. 

It hasn’t been the most popular change to the franchise, with many arguing that it takes the lure away from ranking up. To replace this, though, Modern Warfare has a Battle Pass. Still, I am inclined to agree with the fans on this one. I don’t find I care at all what my post-55 level is. It doesn’t really serve too much of a purpose. 

Call Of Duty Prestige System
Credit: Treyarch

However, that isn’t to say I don’t care about XP. With each weapon having its own unlock tree on top of the Seasonal Battle Pass, there is still plenty to unlock. 

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