Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the most recent video game franchise among the top 5 all-time bestsellers (and the best-selling videogame series from a company other than Nintendo, Activision in this case), comprising a trajectory from 2003 (Call of Duty)to 2019 (Modern Warfare). This FPS saga started with a WWII ambientation, but it stemmed into modern days with CoD 4: Modern Warfare’s release (creating the MW sub-saga) and later with CoD: Black Ops (creating the BO sub-saga).

The structure of the game varies from year to year, but it generally includes a campaign and a multiplayer mode, with zombies being incorporated in World at War and battle royale as recently as Black Ops 4. The campaign followed a story at first, but it became more difficult to follow when games started to alternate (thus having multiple storylines open at the same time, but unrelated to one another), so it narrowed down to a single story per game, with BO4 not even having one. The multiplayer has remained nearly the same, with Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Capture The Flag and Domination being the most constant gamemodes. The zombies mode can be divided into two groups: Treyarch’s zombies and the rest’s zombies. Since Treyarch was the one who introduced the mode, they created the storyline, which they decided to continue in all of their titles (WaW and the BO series), creating what was called the “Aether Story”. The other games simply created a one-game zombies story or added a different third mode.

Competitive CoD has been around for as long as 11 years, becoming gradually bigger and transitioning from sparse tournaments to a CoD Championship format in 2013, to a CoD World League (CWL) format in 2016 and to a franchised CoD League (CDL) in 2020.

Gamezo’s Call of Duty section will be dedicated to Modern Warfare and COD Mobile updates, as well as CDL events coverage. Articles on the former will include anything from weapon and map additions to slight gameplay tunes, whereas the latter will feature reports on the Call of Duty League’s fortnightly events.

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