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Cammy of Toronto Ultra to Receive Sensitivity Training After Crude Tweet

The Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra released a statement announcing that Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan will be undergoing sensitivity training after publishing a vulgar tweet.

On March 31, Cammy posted a tweet that has since been deleted that contained the word “c**t.” At the time, he didn’t think anything of it; however, Ultra made quick work of the occurrence and made him immediately remove the post.

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Today, Toronto Ultra took to Twitter to say the following: “We’re building an inclusive culture. Our players and staff have the responsibility to meet those standards and live out the values of our organization. Cammy has agreed to undergo sensitivity training and has offered to make a monetary donation to a local women’s shelter. Toronto Ultra will match his donation.”

Cammy has also since released a public apology for the vulgar language, saying that he plans to “seek more knowledge on the impact of [his] words.”

The word in question is generally considered one of the more extreme terms of vulgarity in the United States and Canada. However, in many other parts of the world (including Scotland, where Cammy is from), the word is used much more commonly.

With today being April 1st, many people on the Internet thought that this was a poor joke of some kind. However, in a direct message with Dexerto, the team at Ultra were forceful to reiterate that it was no joke. “It is not an April fools joke. While he is Scottish, he lives and works in Canada and competes for a Canadian franchise. We have standards and values for our players and staff — and using words that demean women and their bodies is something we will never tolerate.”

Fans and other pro players alike were quick to respond to the situation, with the vast majority of the community finding the punishment unfit for the crime.

Toronto Ultra has not yet responded to the criticism.

Ultra Cammy will not be suspended by the team and is still set to compete at the Los Angeles Guerrillas Home Series during Stage 2 of the 2021 CDL season this weekend.

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