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Can We Talk About Spider-Cat From Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

If you’ve been keeping up with Game Informer’s coverage, you may have seen a little bit about Spider-Cat. Well, not THE Spider-Cat, but a Cat that helps Miles take down baddies in a Spider-Man half-mask. So, I guess Spider-Cat is a pretty good name for now.

Alright, so in and amongst the information dump on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the world got it’s first look at Spider-Cat. In the footage below, you’ll be able to see what we mean. But, for those who aren’t watching…

Miles is alerted to a Bodega Robbery on his phone and like any Friendly Neighbourhood Arachnid, he goes to help. Much like the twitter account, @BodegaCats_, would suggest… There are a lot of Bodegas in NYC with a lot of cats. As someone not from the Big Apple, this is both surprising and wonderful.

Anyway, the cat in this particular bodega is actually called Spider-Man. But, he’s currently not there. Why? Because he get’s literally “cat burgled”! Obviously, rescuing Spider-Man becomes Miles’ top priority and thankfully it isn’t long before he is safely tucked inside Miles’ backpack. Adorable!

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It appears that once you finish this Side Quest, you’ll get a special outfit for Miles that features Spider-Man (the cat!) This will have Miles don a hoodie and a backpack for Spider-Cat to sit in. If you thought that was great, Spider-Cat has a little Spider-Man mask on too! I mean, he has to protect his identity too. Right?

Right, guys?

That isn’t even the best part of all this. Spider-Cat also gives Miles a unique finishing move! When hitting a baddie with a final blow, Spider-Cat will actually hop out of the backpack and claw at their face! Who knew fighting crime could be SO cute.

If you were curious about the ACTUAL Spider-Cat, he’s from Earth-999 in the Marvel Universe. His nemesis is a Pigeon known as Venom… It’s a whole animal-related thing which I think we all need more of.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases exclusively on PlayStation 5 as a launch title, November 12.

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