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CBLoL 2021: Teams Revealed by Riot Games

After four months of deliberation, the ten CBLoL 2021 Teams have been revealed by Riot Games. They feature some names you know and some you might not!

The CBLoL, Brazilian Championship of League of Legends, is undeniably a big deal. What’s an even bigger deal is the decision to make the tournament a franchised league, much like the NFL or Overwatch League. This means that the CBLoL will have a fixed buy-in value (varying between $740,000 and $830,000), which is being paid in installments by the participating organisations.

After four months of evaluation, Riot Games have gone through the list of organisations that applied to be apart of this re-structuring and finally decided on the ten who made the cut. Reports show that there were roughly 19 applicants, quite a few of which are regarded as traditional organisations to the competition.

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According to reports, Riot Games judged each organisation on a number of aspects. These include their plans for esports, commercial and management development, and financial sustainability… Amongst other aspects, of course. All of this has clearly been done with longevity in mind.

Somewhat controversially, teams like Vivo Keyd and Santos HotForex were left out of next year’s tournament. In their place, newcomers like LOUD and Cruziero have risen to the challenge.

Full list of CBLoL 2021 Teams

Below is a full list of the teams that are going to be duking it out in League of Legends for next year’s CBLoL tournament:

CBLoL 2021 Teams
Credit: Riot Games


paiN Gaming;

KaBuM e-sports;

Flamengo Esports;

Falkol Prodigy;




RED Canids;

and FURIA Esports.

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