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CDL Stage 3: OpTic Stops Comeback From the Royal Ravens

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The second day of the CDL Stage 3 London Home Series starts off with the London Royal Ravens playing OpTic Chicago, with OpTic taking the series 3-1. If you missed it, Dallas Empire and Toronto Ultra dominated the first day of the CDL Stage 3.

Map 1: Garrison (Hardpoint)

The first map on Garrison Hardpoint started off after 2 delays, but then it went extremely dominant for OpTic. At one point the score being 86-190 against the hosts.

A lot of people were excited to see how the London Royal Ravens would play with the addition of Zaptius. The Royal Ravens made a slight comeback to then have OpTic quickly clutch up with a quick rotate to the artillery hill. Envoy had a fantastic first game going 31/21.

Map 2: Moscow (Search and Destroy)

Search and Destroy on Moscow had to restart once after OpTic went up 3-2 and after the comeback, Scump went and dropped a massive ace but the following round went to the Ravens with a 2v2 defuse clutch. After dropping one more round against London, OpTic went on to win the series 6-4.

Map 3: Checkpoint (Control)

Checkpoint hosted a game of Control against these two teams. With the first round being relatively passive and standard, just trading lives constantly until OpTic threw everyone on the B point to win the first round. 

The second round went to the Royal Ravens with a pretty encouraging win even though it went right down to the last few seconds. Round 3 was the first defensive round on the map to be won, having the Royal Ravens pick up one round advantage.

Another defensive round was traded by the teams with Chicago picking up a very confident round 4 taking us to round 5. With a final, tight round the UK team held strong with a fantastic defensive side taking the series 2-1.

Map 4: Moscow (Hardpoint)

The first 100 points of Moscow Hardpoint were split very closely between the two teams with OpTic starting off 60-40. The commencing hills were very close for the two teams, constantly trading points and giving London a chance to take it to a Map 5.

After Chicago picked up 150 points they dominated to then pick up another 60 points very cleanly with the King “Scump” going on a 7 streak holding the spawns. After that OpTic cleaned up the map and finished the final map 250-152.

FormaL after the game spoke about having laggy comms with his teammate which made him just go off and try to do his best.

OpTic’s CDL Stage 3 debut is looking strong after a very shaky Stage 2.