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League of Legends: Changes Coming to URF Game Mode

League URF 2021 Changes

Most League of Legends players are familiar with the Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F.) game mode. Many will even go as far as to say that URF is the most fun they have playing League. Riot Reinboom – Principal Tech Designer/Lead Game Designer has announced there will be quite a few URF 2021 changes to better embrace the preseason item rework.

Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F.) is a featured game mode that was first introduced for April Fools’ Day that, in a nutshell, grants all players 80% cooldown reduction and removes ability costs. The mode has since been succeeded by All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (A.R.U.R.F.), which follows the same gameplay but now utilizes the All Random draft type instead of Blind With Bans.

URF 2021 Changes
Credit: Riot Games

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Since cooldown reduction was removed and replaced with Ability Haste, all players will now start with 300 Ability Haste. This stacks with other sources of Ability Haste. Lethal Tempo and Ultimate Hunter are also no longer disabled. This will give players an easy time to snowball quicker.

If you’re a mana champion, bonus mana is converted to HP (40% rate) and bonus mana regen is converted to HP (100% rate). For those that don’t understand, champions that need to buy Items which give you extra mana will have that extra mana converted to HP.

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Support items, specifically Spellthief’s Edge, Steel Shoulderguards, Relic Shield, and Spectral Sickle will be disabled. As well as the items they transform into. The minion gold penalty these items give is at such an extreme penalty that is difficult to perceive that not having them available would ultimately lead to better experiences for everyone.

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