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Cloud9 Fall to Rival TSM as Season Spirals To An End

At a time not too long ago, it was considered a lock that Cloud9 would represent North America at Worlds. They were dominating the LCS, at one point sporting a 10-0 record. Now, as they were eliminated in just four games by rival TSM, one of the LCS’s best teams is left wondering where it all went wrong.

The falling off of Cloud9 this split was a slow burn. After 100 Thieves snapped their winning streak in week five, they haven’t been the same. Cloud9 ended up closing out the season losing five of their last eight games. Their falloff this season is one of the biggest collapses in recent history.

TSM faced off against Cloud9 in a Best of 5 series, winner locking in a spot at the League of Legends 2020 World Championship. For Cloud9, it was a final stand to salvage their season. The teams met in the losers bracket of the playoffs, as Cloud9 had previously lost to FlyQuest.

Cloud9 were outclassed in the series, with a few questionable decisions standing out when the dust settled. Heading into the rubber match of game three as the series was tied 1-1, C9’s draft was strange. C9 had Blaber on Rek’Sai, Licorice on Sett and Nisqy on Sylas. Although it was a close match through 30 minutes, the short range composition of these champions didn’t scale well enough to match TSM’s Twisted Fate, Evelynn, Lucian and Senna. TSM’s mid laner Bjergsen really shined in this series, carrying games on both his Twisted Fate and Zilean.

For Cloud9 fans, it’s just a painful loss. After dominating all of 2020, it’s unimaginable that this team wouldn’t be one of the three representatives going to Worlds. At least their social media pages have a sense of humor about it.

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