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Cloud9 Takes a Huge Loss in the LCS

Last weekend, Cloud9 took two major losses in the LCS. Not only did they lose two matches but they also lost their current spot as the second seed in the Summer Split playoffs.

The Golden Guardians

This former playoff winner is not looking so hot toward the end of the regular season. In the regular season of the Spring Split, C9 earned themselves an amazing record of 17-1 and went undefeated in the playoffs, yet this time around, the losses keep coming.  The first match that broke Cloud9’s composure was against Golden Guardians. This game started out relatively slow, with each team neck and neck with kills and objectives. Around the 21 minute mark, Golden Guardians won a major teamfight at the dragon pit, thanks to Damonte teleporting back to fight after backing out.

This signaled the Guardian’s snowball with Damonte and FBI’s Kalista running the show until the game ended at 36 minutes with Golden Guardians earning 16 kills while Cloud9 had 10.  Golden Guardians is currently at 5th place in the league with a record of 9-7, only two wins away from C9. While this loss wasn’t too detrimental, the major defeat was agains TeamSoloMid.


In the second match of the weekend, Cloud9 faced off against TSM. This matchup, like the one against Golden Guardians, started off slow but one major teamfight changed everything. at the 21 minute mark, TSM, with a clutch use of Sett’s ultimate by Spica, won a teamfight taking home four kills and all of C9’s momentum. After this battle, Cloud9 just could not get any fights to go in their favor. No lane was able to be pushed as Bjergsen was there to flank anyone with his Twisted Fate teleport.In the end TSM won at 32 minutes with 17 kills while Cloud9 could only muster up 7.

The Playoffs Outlook

The worst statistic of all is that, over the entire weekend, C9 only secured a combined 4 towers. With this massive loss, C9 is now tied for second place with TSM. Now that the final weekend of the LCS is coming up, it’s up to either squad to win their matches to earn the second place seed in the playoffs. Whichever team takes that place will have a buy round in playoffs, making life a little easier and increasing their chances of going to worlds.

The playoffs begin on August 13th! You can catch those games on the LCS twitch channel.