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Cloud9 Win the LCS Spring 2021 Mid-Season Showdown

After a hard-fought five-game series against Team Liquid. Cloud9 are the LCS Spring 2021 Mid-Season Showdown winners and have won the right to be the North American representative at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Credit: LCS

The Mid-Season Showdown (MSS) was the replacement for the Spring Split playoffs for the LCS Spring 2021 season. With this victory, Cloud9 retain their Spring Split title from 2020 where they also dominated.

However this roster is different as they replaced Top laner Licorice, and Mid laner Nisqy, for Fudge and Perkz respectively.

Perkz specifically had a major impact this season, transitioning back to his main position after spending two years as the bot laner for G2 Esports, in what was one of the biggest transitions in western League of Legends history. With this LCS title, Perkz becomes the second player to win both the LCS and LEC, with his teammate Zven (with who he had also won the EU LCS with).

Fudge, who was criticized for most of the season demonstrated excellence during the tournament and specifically in the finals as he finally performed at the top-calibre level.

Credit: LCS

During the finals, Cloud9 were down one game to two. However, the playoff experience from Perkz demonstrated to be valuable as he rallied the team together and started the comeback. Perkz also had a moment of excellence during the 4th game when he hit a Zoe bubble on Team Liquid’s Tactical, which ultimately won the fight and swung the tide of the series.

Though this is Perkz’s first North American title win, it is his ninth domestic title. This means that he is tied with Faker who also has nine LCK wins.

Another standout performance was Zven also demonstrated his excellence during the series, and specifically in the 5th game of the series when he had a deathless performance on Tristana.

Though Cloud9 ultimately won the series, and the championship, the performance that Team Liquid displayed cannot be understated.

Team Liquid was one win away from winning their fifth LCS title and did so without their starting jungler, Santorin. Santorin was the only other jungler that was comparable to Cloud9’s MVP winning jungler Blaber this season.

However, Team Liquid’s substitute jungler Armao surpassed all expectations during the Mid-Season Showdown as he performed at a high level throughout the tournament.

Credit: LCS

Cloud9 will be heading to the Mid-Season Invitational which will be held in Iceland this year, as the North American representative.

This will be Cloud9’s first chance as an organization to participate in the MSI, however, it is their second time qualifying, as they won the 2020 Spring Split. However, the 2020 MSI was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Perkz is also currently the only member of the 2019 MSI winning team that is able to defend his title as his former team, G2 Esports did not qualify for the tournament.

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