CoD 2021: Release Date, Alpha Information, Leaks, Rumours & More

Like any upcoming release, we’re hungry for more information. In the article below, we’ll collate everything we know about CoD 2021, both rumoured and leaked, and confirmed. Here’s all we know…

After the somewhat contested reception of Black Ops Cold War from Treyarch, Call of Duty fans will be looking forward to the next instalment a lot earlier than usual. Many compare the title to Modern Warfare, with the Warzone integration of the two’s content allowing many to make easy comparisons between the two titles.

Wether you are a fan of Black Ops Cold War or not, the future is always bright for Call of Duty titles and 2021 will be no different. If the series continues to follow the same trend as always, CoD 2021 will be developed by another team and be set in a different era from the last.

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Below, we’ll collate everything we know about CoD 2021 so far for you to look over. Rumours and Leaks will be tagged accordingly with a source if possible.

CoD 2021
Credit: Activision

CoD 2021 Information

Recent Updates ;-

CoD 2021 Release Date

Currently, there is no official release date information regarding CoD 2021. However, Call of Duty titles commonly release in late October and November. Looking to the middle of this period, that means it could potentially be Nov 5 or Nov 12. ( 04/01/21 )

CoD 2021 Base Information

A number of Call of Duty leakers have chimed in on both sides of the current discord regarding whether Sledgehammer Games are developing a ” WW3 ” title for CoD 2021. ( 04/01/21 )

RUMOUR – BKT00R leaked an Arabic-translated tweet that stated the following: CoD 2021 is rumoured to take place in ” World War III “, from Sledgehammer Games. He was “banished” from several sources and the post removed. ( 04/01/21 )

RUMOUR – Twitter User dave_doomy appeared to also leak the same information via Reddit, however Viral Junkie’s Tom Henderson disputed claims. ( 04/01/21 )

Alpha and Beta Information

There is currently no information regarding any Alpha or Beta for the next Call of Duty title. However, with them being common-place for the last two Call of Duty entries… They are most-likely in the works. ( 04/01/21 )

Warzone Integration

With the popularity of Warzone, it would make sense to continue to integrate titles into the Free-to-Play Battle Royale experience. However, no official word has been given. ( 04/01/21 )

This is everything we know about CoD 2021. Be sure to bookmark the post, as we’ll be updating it as-and-when more information is avaliable.

What setting do you want to take Call of Duty to next? Is near-future the answer?

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