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COD: Mobile Season 1 “New Order” Launching Next Week

COD Mobile New Order

Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile has almost concluded and Activision has slowly started revealing teasers about the first season of the new year. Revealed in a community update, the next season of COD Mobile will be called New Order.

You may have noticed that Activision has decided to refresh the count. Instead of continuing to season 14, we’ll be going to season 1. Activision’s reasoning for the season refresh is to make it “clean and easy to understand”.

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Using Season 13’s battle pass for reference, we can expect COD: Mobile New Order to release on January 26th. More information about New Order is set to be revealed in the coming days on social media.

So far, two new rifles have been revealed to be coming in season 1. These weapons seem to be the SKS marksman rifle and the Famas burst rifle. The Famas burst rifle will be available in the battle pass and the SKS will be unlocked through in-game challenges.

Activision also confirmed that a new map is coming. This new COD Mobile exclusive map is likely to be called Rebirth.

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Attack of the Undead mode has been confirmed to be returning in the new season. Of course, a few changes have been made, it will now feature 20 players. A new battle royale mode is also set to be revealed in a few days.

The next season of COD Mobile is to be packed with loads of new and returning content for fans to enjoy. Are you excited the COD Mobile New Order? Let us know!

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