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CoD Mobile: Season 13, Winter War, Has Begun

Happy Holidays! CoD Mobile Season 13 has officially started. Titled Winter War, this festive-ish season brings a load of new things to the popular Mobile shooter. Here’s everything we know…

CoD Mobile Season 13 isn’t just starting for the sake of it; this new season is bringing a whole host of new content to the shooter.

First up, we have Nuketown. I know, I know… Another Nuketown? Well, this one is Nuketown Russia. It first appeared on Black Ops IIII and has the snow-covered aesthetic that fits perfectly with the holidays and Winter War.

CoD Mobile Season 13
Credit: CoD Mobile

Raid, which was just added to Black Ops Cold War, is also coming to CoD Mobile in Season 13. For Winter War, this will be Raid Holiday and also be festively snowy. It’s unsure as to whether the standard version of the map will be available after the seasonal events.

Grind Comes To CoD Mobile Season 13

On top of the new maps, Grind is also coming to CoD Mobile. This mode is a combination of Kill confirmed and Hardpoint; you may have played it on Modern Warfare already.

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Essentially, you collect Dog Tags like in Kill Confirmed and then deposit them at specific points around the map. This is the only way to score, so makes defending these deposit areas key to victory.

Much like Season 12, CoD Mobile Season 13 will also feature a Battle Pass that has the Peacekeeper MK2 AR and EMP Systems Scorestreak up for grabs for free! The highlight of the paid Battle Pass is the Siberia Golem and the GKS Pack Warrior.

CoD Mobile Season 13
Credit: CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile is also bringing a new Mythic weapon to the game, as seen above. This will be based on the Peacekeeper MK2, but be made of a meteorite with Magma bullets. Pretty snazzy, right?

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