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Cold War Beta Double XP? It Starts At 6pm GMT

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Screenshot

Starting today, there’s going to be Black Ops Cold War Beta Double XP and Double Weapon XP because… Treyarch love us.

The second week of the Black Ops Cold War Beta started yesterday, giving players another chance to get stuck into the newest Call of Duty ahead of it’s release. Currently the Beta is open to everyone and anyone on a PS4, however it remains limited to pre-orders everywhere else.

Cold War Beta Double XP
Credit: Treyarch

From last-weeks Beta weekend, it seems that ranking up was an issue for quite a few players. Given the limited time available, there were complaints that it was too-much of a grind to unlock some of the attachments which feel like they should be basic options (Looking at you, suppressors!)

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The Double XP and Double Weapon XP will go live at the traditional reset time;

10am (PT)

1pm (ET)

6pm (GMT)

7pm (CEST)

This change to the ranking rate isn’t the only tweak that’s been made to gameplay. Sliding has been altered, nerfing it slightly, with the Duster Stock’s sliding bonus reduced dramatically. There’s also changes to the AK-47’s recoil, the Milano 821’s damage range, and more.

The M16 is also getting a delayed burst rate, while the Type 63 is having a recoil buff. For some reason, the RPD is getting a tighter hip-fire spread… Which is fun! That, and the Gallo SA12 is having it’s damage nerfed a bit.

Changes are also coming to the Field Mic. It should be easier to avoid detection as the range at which it detects slow-walking, crouching, or ADS movement is being reduced. It won’t feel completely different, but it should feel a bit more balanced.

Be sure to check it out to make the most of the Black Ops Cold War Beta Double XP that’s going live later!

Will the MP5 continue to dominate the Black Ops Cold War Beta? Did you use it during the first weekend?

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