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[Confirmed] Rekkles Leaves Fnatic

Another mainstay of the European scene has decided to part ways from the team he had been synonymous with for nearly a decade.

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, star AD Carry of Fnatic, will leave the team after more than eight years of service, the team officially confirmed.

As the team explained in their press release, when Rekkles’ previous contract expired on November 16, he was approached to start negotiations for an extension. However, instead of accepting Fnatic’s renewal, the Swedish player decided to test the free agency market and see how the rest from within and outside of Europe can compare in their offers. Though Rekkles was offered an array of benefits that would kick in after the end of his playing career, he turned them down to play under a different team, monetary gain notwithstanding.

Since debuting for Fnatic in late 2012, Rekkles enjoyed a rich and fine career in the statistical department, his individual prowess, and team success. In his 566 total games as Fnatic’s ADC, he compiled an average KDA of 6.6 and grossed 438 gold per minute, both of which stand as one of the highest all-time in Europe. He’s the winner of 4 EU LCS split championships, a member of 6 World Championship appearing teams–of which he famously finished runners up in both Worlds and MSI of 2018–holder of three split MVP awards, and member of multiple All-Pro Teams.

Players, teammates, and colleagues have all provided their acknowledgments to Rekkles for his distinguishable career, track record of excellence, and unquestionable consistency throughout his eight years of playing time in the EU LCS/LEC.

“I have nothing but respect for Rekkles,” said former teammate Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau minutes after the announcement was made. “We worked together during this off-season to make sure we create a home where he could shine. He found a better opportunity elsewhere. I can only respect that.”

“He’s been a rock, a captain, a friend.  It’s a sad change of an era, but all eras come to an end,” said Sam Mathews, Fnatic’s founder and CEO, in his recollection of Rekkles. “Thank you for your efforts, your focus, [and] your hunger to win. You will always be Black and Orange in my heart.”

Jungler Selfmade‘s take on his teammate leaving was, though short in size, pronounced in meaning.

“Now we turn to a new chapter for Fnatic, and one we’re ready and excited to commence,” the team said in its closing statement about the news. “Our time with Martin has been long and successful, we could not be more proud of what he has achieved in the Black and Orange. The next time we meet, we meet as opponents. See you on the rift, Martin.”

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