Contest of Champions: Jubilee & Stryfe Coming to Marvel’s Mobile Fighter

Another fine addition to your collection. Jubilee and Stryfe, two X-Men characters, are being added to Marvel’s Contest of Champions. Below is everything we know…

Marvel’s Contest of Champions operates similarly to any free-to-play mobile game attached to a huge IP. It’s a gacha of sorts, similar to Genshin Impact, but continually adds free content updates in order to retain it’s loyal money-spending playerbase.

The latest foray into additional free content from Contest of Champions comes in the form of Jubilee and Stryfe, two popular characters from the X-Men sub-franchise. The new characters are dropping January 21, too, so there’s not long to wait!

Although we don’t know exactly when, Kabam have given us a few snippets of information regarding the new additions. We have a self-described “motion comic” below, followed by some in-game bios!

Jubilee & Stryfe Contest of Champions In-Game Bios

Contest of Champions has an over-arching narrative that has evolved over the game’s lifetime. Here’s a snippet of where Jubilee and Stryfe fit into all the chaos…

The peaceful Mutant lands of Krakoa have been attacked by a powerful, yet unseen, force. Cable has reluctantly teamed up with a young mutant to track down whoever could be capable of such an attack, but will their search for this mysterious foe bring peace, or assured destruction?


Jubilee grew up in a wealthy family, attending a private school and becoming an exceptional gymnast. However, her life took an unexpected turn when her parents were assassinated, leaving her orphaned. After manifesting her explosive mutant powers she was welcomed with open arms into a new family, the X-Men.

Contest of Champions Jubilee Stryfe
Credeit: Kabam


A child was created as a clone of infant “Nathan Summers” in the hopes of salvaging his techno-organic virus ravished body. Thinking this child to be Nathan, Apocalypse kidnapped him, giving him the name Stryfe in preparation to one day transfer his own consciousness into Stryfe’s body. Later discovering that he was actually a clone and unfit to house his essence, Apocalypse abandoned Stryfe. Feeling betrayed by both what he thought was his real parents and his adoptive father Apocalypse, Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him.

Contest of Champions Jubilee Stryfe
Credit: Kabam

While both character models are wonderfully comic-accurate, it’s hard not to think Jubilee has been almost white-washed by Kabam. It is most-likely more down to the character model base they use in-game, however, Jubilee is famously one of the few Marvel characters with Chinese origins. She is the daughter of two Chinese immigrants.

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Do you play Marvel’s Contest of Champions, and are you going to use Jubilee or Stryfe? What team are you rocking?

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