Contest of Champions: Spider-Ham Free Until Dec 31

Currently in Marvel’s Contest of Champions, Spider-Ham is free for players that download the game between now and December 31. Here’s everything you need to know about Peter Porker!

Marvel fans are being FED this month. Alongside Marvel Studios’ extensive announcements earlier this week, fans of Marvel’s mobile game Contest of Champions have another surprise up their sleeve.

From now, until December 31, if you download or play Contest of Champions, you can get Spider-Ham for free!

He may be a 2-star character, so far from the best, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth grabbing.

“Peter Porker picked a profession of punishing punks. How so, you ask? Well, Peter was once an everyday spider who (in a horrible accident involving a scientist and an atomic hair dryer) was bit by a radioactive pig! Peter was transformed, retaining all of his spider powers but taking on the form of an anthropomorphic Pig. With these new powers, he adopted the surname of the scientist who bit him, May Porker, and became Spider-Ham! Now he’s set out to send the bad guys of The Battlerealm crying all the way home.”

Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions Free Spider-Ham Does Have Strengths

Thanks to our friends at WePlay Mobile, we have an insight into the strengths and weaknesses Spider-Ham offers in Contest of Champions. Be sure to check out their analysis for a more in-depth look.

Contest of Champions Spider-Ham Free
Credit: Contest of Champions

He’s strong against Champions that launch repeated Special Attacks in quick succession that opens them up to be vulnerable to Spider-Ham’s Porker Poppers.

In addition to this, Power Gain opponents are their own worst enemy against him. Spider-Ham’s Spider-Nonsense ability relies on the Power of his opponents. The higher their Power is, the longer Spider-Ham can stay at the top of his game in a fight.

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Spider-Ham isn’t unbeatable though. Enemy Champions with powerful Basic Attacks can avoid a lot of Spider-Ham’s abilities and leave him vulnerable. Also, Spider-Ham uses Evade on both Attack and Defence. Opponents with anti-Evade effects will nullify this and leave him exposed.

Spider-Ham Base Stats

3 Star Rating

Health ( 5093 ), Attack ( 525 ), PI Max Signature ( 1963 );

4 Star Rating

Health ( 12771 ), Attack ( 1317 ), PI Max Signature ( 4938 );

5 Star Rating

Health ( 25606 ), Attack ( 2640 ), PI Max Signature ( 10620 );

6 Star Rating ( Rank 3, Level 45 )

Health ( 32995 ), Attack ( 3401 ), PI Max Signature ( 13660 );

Character Class & Basic Abilities

Science Class, Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, Taunt;

Spider-Ham may not be the Spider-Man you’re familiar with, but he is the one you can get for free. So… He may be worth picking up, even adding to your team! Just remember, this is only available until December 31!

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