Corsair Valuation Estimates Company Worth Up To $1.65 Billion

Based on figures attached to their IPO, a Corsair Valuation estimates that the company is worth around $1.65 billion!

Corsair, the company that makes gaming peripherals, is reportedly worth around $1.65 billion. If that isn’t wild enough, it comes not long after a report that Corsair made around $1.3 billion in revenue over the last year. This isn’t all profit, but that’s a lot nonetheless. Corsair does have a few companies under its wings, which undoubtedly helps with this valuation, but how did they even get that figure? It’s crazy, right?

Corsair Valuation: How In The… ?

Okay, it’s a little confusing for those that aren’t involved with the stock market, but here it goes…

Essentially, a company’s value is determined by the market and the value of their shares. Corsair said the following regarding that:

The offering is subject to market conditions, and there can be no assurance as to whether, or when, the offering may be completed or as to the actual size or terms of the offering

Yep. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either. Anyway, back to the valuation. The mysterious $1.65 billion price tag comes due to the fact that Corsair reportedly has almost 92 million shares outstanding.

Corsair Valuation
Some products that Corsair sell, if you were curious. / Credit: Corsair

When you consider the details of Corsair’s IPO intentions, it makes a little more sense.

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In this, Corsair intends to sell around 14 million of it’s shares at just over $15 each. So, when you use that maths, combined with the fact that there’s reportedly 92 million shares out there. It makes a big number.

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