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Crysis Remastered (Switch) – Review

Saber Interactive, the same company that ported games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Vampyr to the Switch, has co-developed Crysis Remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

The story revolves around the U.S. Delta Force Team who are assigned a special mission. The team is equipped with technologically advanced nanosuits that increase their strength, speed, defense, and gives them the power of invisibility. You are known as Nomad, and you join your team on this mission which takes place on the Lingshan Islands, a chain of islands that are well protected by the North Korean Army.

Your team is sent on a search & rescue mission when the North Korean soldiers capture the IAS Team, an international research team, who are on one of the islands conducting research. What starts as a normal mission takes on a strange twist when you discover dismembered bodies of Korean soldiers. You come to find out that the island is occupied by an extraterrestrial force that has more sinister intentions, and you are the only person standing in the way of their global domination plans.


This much-anticipated title has been designed to run at 720p in handheld mode and at 900p when docked, but we do find the experience to be more smooth and superior in handheld because the visual downgrades and drops in frame rate are less noticeable in handheld mode when compared to docked mode.

When playing, the game is stable at a 30fps frame rate for the most part, and the experience is smooth overall. However, when there is too much action going on, you will notice major frame drops, but this can be improved in a future patch.

Visually, it is rather blurry at times, and lip syncs during cutscenes are off. Of course, it is expected to see downgrades when high-demanding games of this prominence are ported to the Nintendo Switch.


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There is little change, if any, from the original game. It sounds crisp on the Switch system, and shots are powerful. With a headset, you can hear where your enemies are located.

During my playthrough of the game, I experienced no issues with sound and, in fact, found the sound to be rather immersive during my experience.


Crysis Remastered – A Nintendo Switch Review | DN Reviews

Crysis Remastered presents the original game’s single player campaign absent the tenth level of the game called Ascension where you fly a MV-24H Vulture VTOL off the island. This is due to the high graphical demand and intensity of the mission which may cause major frame drops.

The interesting improvement in the remastered version is the improved water rendering system powered by the new CryEngine game engine. The water rendering on the Nintendo Switch looks better than its PC counterpart when it comes to the original Crysis version. While this is a big win for the Switch, some underwater areas have been downgraded on the Switch due to the removal of plants and other objects which makes it look boring when diving. Nevertheless, this is understandable for performance purposes.

With the powers you wield in Crysis Remastered, you can be tactical in your approach towards your enemies. For example, you can activate your invisibility cloak and sneak in on them from behind to eliminate them. When being shot at, you can activate your suit’s armour to protect yourself. While you can go in guns blazing, you can also use your fists to kill enemies or grab them by the throat and throw them far away or at one another which can be quite fun. Additionally, you have speed power available which is helpful to escape a large amount of enemy members when falling into a dire situation.

Furthermore, you can use turrets or drive trucks to make your way around the island. Swimming is also an option, but you can always take over a patrol boat and cruise the sea towards your objective.

Final Verdict

For fans of the original game, this will be a big temptation to pick up!

In my personal experience, I found that the long loading times, blurry graphics and “clunky” feel of gameplay dampened the experience. Hopefully, this is updated in future patches.

Crysis is a fun experience and very immersive. It is a must play for anyone that has yet to do so. This may be your opportunity to hop in and give it a go!

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