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CS:GO: AcoR Replaces ChrisJ on Mousesports

Mousesports has announced this Saturday that AcoR will replace their longest standing member ChrisJ as their AWP player, hinting at more roster moves to come in the near future.

Just a few days from playing their first tournament of the year, Mousesports have announced the signing of Frederik ‘AcoR’ Gyldstrand from MAD Lions at an undisclosed fee, with the Danish player replacing ChrisJ in the line-up that will have its 2021 debut on Monday at cs_summit7.

Aged 23, AcoR was one of the brightest stars in the MAD Lions line-up. Having represented the Spanish organisation for over a year, the player would elevate his performances working under the leadership of Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Peterson, with the squad jumping into the highest ranks of competitive Counter-Strike in the early stages of 2020, with a major triumph at Flashpoint Season 1.

As some of their key players were poached by other teams from the upper echelon, MAD Lions would struggle to come back to such great heights, trying to breathe in new life into the squad with the addition of Rasmus ‘hooxi’ Nielson and Ismail ‘refrezh’ Ali in October but ultimately finishing the year with middling results.

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Playing under the Mousesports banner since 2013, Chris ‘ChrisJ’ de Jong might be on his way out of the organisation. The 30-year-old Dutch veteran has been reported to link up with the former GODSENT roster as they are in advanced negotiations to represent FunPlus Phoenix as they return to the Counter-Strike scene.

After the removal of Ösgür ‘woxic’ Eker, ChrisJ took over the AWP role for Mouz, with his characteristic support approach netting some highlights but generally resulting in some rough statistics compared to his AWP wielding peers.

AcoR representing MAD Lions
AcoR is much more explosive with his AWP compared to ChrisJ – Credit to DreamHack

Mousesports also included in its announcement that there will be “more news about the teams future shortly”, potentially hinting at the rumours that their In-Game Leader Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen might also be on his way out.

According to HLTV and 1pv.fr, Karrigan’s contract with the German organisation is about to expire, opening up the door to a possible reunion with FaZe Clan. These same sources have reported that Mousesports is targetting Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong as his replacement, if the move comes to fruition.

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