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CS:GO: Best Skins in the CS:GO Workshop for November

With a tenth operation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the horizon, it is now a great time to check out on the best skins submitted to the CS:GO Workshop during the month of November, considering some of these might appear in-game until the end of the year.

Valve has a long history of adding skins submitted through the Workshop to the final game, through community cases that the players acquire for a chance at one of these coveted skins.

The system has been a staple of Counter-Strike cosmetics: as players get new content, Valve makes more money and the creator of the designs gets rewarded monetarily for his work.

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Valve often adopts designs from the CS:GO Workshop

The latest community case was added on August 6th, the Fracture Case, that added 17 items and some brand new knife finishes. With rumours of a new operation being released soon, it is certain that at least one more community case is in the works. This article is going to shine some light on what you can expect, featuring some of the most viewed items in the CS:GO Workshop during the month of November.

Desert Eagle | Katana (Oni) by KASI and Millenia

This silver and red concept draws inspiration from Feudal Japan, featuring elements such as an oni mask and a wrap on the grip that resembles the one seen on katanas. Its creator, KASI, has recently seen one of his designs get included in the game as a Classified item: the Glock-18 | Vogue. An unique design for the iconic hand-cannon of the game, bound to reward those that stay disciplined and wait for the right shot.

CS:GO Workshop Best Skins
PP-Bizon | Old Gumball Machine by Mad Polygon

A relic from the past, the PP-Bizon | Old Gumball Machine comes from Mad Polygon, known for other experiments with “normal maps” available at the CS:GO Workshop. Here, this effect is used to simulate an old gumball machine inside of the infamous cylinder shaped magazine of the Bizon, adding a metallic red and grey finish to complement its retro aesthetic.

CS:GO Workshop Best Skins
AWP | Universe by Apel

With cosmic aspirations comes the AWP | Universe. A purple and black AWP design from the Kiwi artist Apel, the hand behind skins such as the recently added AK-47 | Legion of Anubis. A custom finish about the cosmos featuring black holes, constellations of stars and a very mysterious figure of a black cat, it will surely leave quite the impact, especially as a centre-piece of your sniping highlights.

CS:GO Workshop Best Skins
USP-S | Hush by Puffin, Rigman and Medic

A product of the Cyberstrike collection, this bundle of purple and light blue undertones is the result of a collaboration between three well known workshop artists. The head of the project, Puffin, has been behind skins such as the Neon Rider and has collaborated with Steelseries to bring some of his design to real life through their peripherals.

CS:GO Workshop Best Skins
M4A4 | Cybershark by Puffin, Rigman and Medic

From the same collection comes a perfect fit for any Vega Squadron stickers you have left on your inventory, the M4A4 | Cybershark was the most celebrated workshop item during November, drawing 6,304 different visitors to its page. This hulking fusion of animal and machine packs quite look, with its blue colour scheme being elevated to new heights by its dashing purple and yellow highlights.

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