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CS:GO: Chaos Overcome Team One To Win DreamHack Masters North-America

Chaos has conquered the DreamHack Masters Winter North-America 2020 title, after going all five maps up against Team One. This tournament will probably be the swan song for this North-American roster, as Chaos has announced earlier this week that they would be dropping their CS: GO Division due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The players will join the situation of many other Counter-Strike players in the North-American scene, as VALORANT is now the main focus for most of the talent and investment in that region.

Chaos decided to start the series on the attacking side of Nuke, but the North-American team would be left in the dust, as the Brazilians made a statement out of the map, topping the scoreboard at an individual level and securing an early advantage in the Best-of-Five with a shocking 16-3 victory.

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On the map pick of their opponents, Chaos would show much better colours, finishing the first half of Train on a five round lead. Even though they stumbled on the beginning of second time, Chaos would streak six rounds to tie it all up at 1-1.

After a troublesome first map, Nathan ‘leaf’ Orf had warmed up on Train and was now ready to carry the momentum to Overpass, the third stop on the series. Giving Team One no room to breath, they finished the first half on an astonishing 13-2 score, showing prime form as they grasped a 2-1 advantage in the series, three rounds later.

Team One showed incredible resilience in the BO5 series – DreamHack

For our fourth map, Team One would take us to Mirage. The Brazilians wouldn’t have the best entrance, giving Chaos a small edge by the end of the first half. That edge would become negligible as the match dwelled into a back-and-forth affair once teams got to double digits.

On round 23, a careless B rush set Chaos back in the scoreboard, giving the Brazilians a giant opportunity to close out the map 16-13 and take us all the way to a fifth map.

Vertigo would be the last map of DreamHack Masters

Despite Chaos having only one instance of Vertigo in the last three months, up against Yeah, they would rocket up the scoreline to new heights, smashing Team One 12-3 over on the defence.

The North-American squad would take its time to close out the map, but they would eventually claim the DreamHack Masters Winter North-American 2020 title on a 16-# final score.

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