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CS:GO: Cloud9 Release Woxic on Mutual Agreement

After 24 maps, Cloud9 has announced this Monday that it will release woxic, terminating his contract on 14th January, and allowing him to pursue new opportunities as soon as possible.

Being signed on a three-year deal close to 1.36 million dollars, the Turkish Ösgür “woxic” Eker will depart Cloud9’s CS:GO Division after playing just four events.

The AWP player was announced last year on the 19th of September, with Cloud9 buying him out of a Mousesports contract on a sum rumoured to be around $296,000.

After a short boot camp, Cloud9 struggled to make a dent on their debut event of Flashpoint Season 2. Even though the “Colossus” rose up to its name on following events, woxic continued to struggle during the online events, raising some concerns over his continuity in the line-up.

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Henry “HenryG” Greer, General Manager for the CS:GO Division of Cloud9, took it to Twitter to unveil the decision, pointing towards “unreliable high ping” and a “compromising time zone” as the reasons behind his recent drop off in performance.

According to HenryG, solving these problems would take an “insurmountable” logistics effort and, as such, the team decided to use the player break to incorporate changes in the roster.

Cloud9 woxic
Following their bootcamp on Serbia, Cloud9 struggled at their first event

This decision may come as a shock to many of the fans but allowing this to continue wouldn’t have been in the best interest of the squad in the long run. This was a team decision, not one we take lightly and we believe it to be the correct one.

HenryG via Twitter

This is the second departure since the genesis of this new “Colossus” project, as Serbian coach Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović saw the door in December of 2020 due to a “stylistic clash” with In-Game Leader Alex “ALEX” McMeekin.

To fill in these two departures, HLTV has reported that the ex-Chaos member Erick “Xeppa” Bach is going to step in as the fifth player of the European squad, with the coaching seat being taken by Chris “Elmapuddy” Tebbit, who was last seen coaching for Gen G.

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