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CS:GO Envy set to depart CS:GO

envy cs:go

According to a report from HLTV.org, Envy CS:GO will be entirely placed on the transfer list, making them the most recent departure from Valve’s competitive shooter.

After disappointing results at Flashpoint Season 2, the Dallas based organisation is dropping the whole line-up based around the North-American In-Game Leader Noah ‘Nifty’ Francis, after playing just a singular tournament in four months of existence.

The organisation’s co-owner and Chief Gaming Officer Mike “hastr0” Rufail has recently exchanged on Twitter with journalist Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis about the difficulties in operating Envy CS:GO under the economic restrains provided by the current global pandemic.

Departing from the game would contradict the recent investment from the organisation in a brand-new European line-up and the two millions spent on entering the Flashpoint league.

In November, Hastr0 had also stated on a tweet that the organisation would increase the budget for its Counter-Strike division during 2021.

Envy has been a staple inside the Counter-Strike industry, most known for its French line-up that won DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in 2015. However, G2 would overshadow them in the national scene over the next few years, with the “Boys in Blue” falling from the spotlight and eventually disbanding their European roster in mid-2018.

Envy Nifty
Envy went North-American in 2018 – Credit: ESL

Moving their plans to the North-American scene, Envy CS:GO would now be centered around Noah ‘Nifty’ Francis, which at the time was one of the most acclaimed talents in his region, after a successful stint at Renegades. This roster would also feature experienced faces from the NA scene such as Josh ‘jdm64’ Marzano and Stephen ‘reltuC’ Cutler.

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Only Nifty would remain, as the NA squad would falter to make an impact on regional and international tournaments, forcing yet another complete revamp. EnvyUs would have another dig at a European roster, bringing up-and-coming talents such as Thomas ‘Thomas’ Utting and Buğra ‘Calyx’ Arkın together.

Nevertheless, after this line-up failed to deliver on the only tournament they competed on, the organisation came under fire from the community.

Shortly after this report, Thomas ‘Thomas’ Utting took it to Twitter to confirm his departure of the line-up, with Envy yet to make any official announcements.

As such, Envy will be the most recent North-American organisation to leave the CS:GO space in a time where many organisations in that region are opting to transition the focus of their investment to VALORANT.

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