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CS:GO: FURIA Unveil Their 5th Player, Junior


Former Triumph AWPer Paytyn ‘junior’ Johnson will complete the FURIA roster, after Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles stepped down from the active roster.

While the announcement came this Wednesday, the move has been in the works since November, in a deal reported to cost $55,000 to the Brazilian organisation.

The 20-year-old North-American has been a stand-out from the Triumph roster, truly standing out from his peers in IEM Beijing-Haidian North America 2020, with the team finishing in second place after a loss against Chaos.

This would be the highest accolade reached by this Triumph roster during 2020, after an early exit on the following and last event of the year, DreamHack Masters Winter. Nonetheless, junior had shown great signs, completing the year with a 1.13 rating.

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FURIA was left one player short towards the end of the year, with Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles departing for a new project that would link him with his brother Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles and a portion of the line-up that represented MIBR during the final leg of 2020.

While the roles will probably stay unchanged, as both HEN1 and junior took over the AWP in their respective rosters, this is the first time FURIA adds international talent to their roster, opening up questions about a possible language barrier.

Ever since FURIA moved to NA, they’ve been my favorite team on & off the server. I’ve looked up to their lineup, raw skill, & supportive fans for a long time now. I couldn’t be happier to join them & make the Brazilian community proud!

Paytyn ‘junior’ Johnson via Twitter

It is still unknown if the squad will keep communicating on Portuguese or if this will force a complete revamp of that component.

Nevertheless, FURIA has one week to prepare, with BLAST Premier Global Final kicking off on January 19th, with the team facing G2 in the opening round.

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