CS:GO Gets New Content With Operation Broken Fang

Valve has released Operation Broken Fang this Wednesday, introducing a brand new ping system and a pick-ban phase for competitive mode but also add new agents, four new collections of skins, a batch of operation related stickers, seven maps and a retakes game-mode.

This new operation succeeds Shattered Web, the ninth of its kind, which had been released in the last year, on November 18. The Operation Pass format introduced in that operation has remained into Broken Fang, as well as its focus on introducing new agent skins.

Similar to Shattered Web, new missions will be added every week, rewarding the players with stars that will contribute towards upgrading the operation coin.

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However, this time you will be able to choose how you are going to spend your stars in a brand new shop section that will allow operation pass holders to acquire the reward they want from their hard labour in the battlefield.

For this operation, Valve has introduced a new set of analytical tools to keep track of your in-game statistics, such as your map performance, your most effective weaponry and heatmaps of your shots and actions throughout the map.

The new ping system will rely on a customizable chat wheel

Perhaps the most intriguing addition, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will finally feature a ping system, similar to the one in many other shooters of its kind.

A fully customizable chat wheel will generate contextual pings for your teammates, translating the call-outs in chat and making sure your team stays on the same page, even with no microphones.

The brand new retakes gamemode will be available to all players, giving certain players a determined load-out and putting them in a post-plant scenario.

Broken Fang will add seven new maps

Seven new maps have been added to the game, with Ancient being a brand new addition to the Competitive map pool, bringing a lot of memories from Aztec with its design and colour scheme.

And after many rumours, the arctic battlegrounds of Frostbite will also find their way into the official Danger Zone game-mode.

Ancient will be a new addition to the Competitive Map Pool

Broken Fang expands on the agent skins department compared to Shattered Web, introducing 20 new characters for you to equip as your in-game combatant.

Adding to the usual array of stickers, patches and graffitis, this new operation will also feature 17 new community designs with the Operation Fang Weapon Case as well as three new Valve made collections: Ancient, Havoc and Control.

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