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CS:GO: Virtus Pro Close the Year With DreamHack Open December Victory

Virtus Pro has defeated the Portuguese squad of SAW in the Grand-Finals of DreamHack Open December with a 3-1 on a Best-of-Five Series. The CIS roster has finished the year with a golden key, having conquered Flashpoint Season 2, last week, with a 2-1 victory over OG.

On the map pick of Virtus.Pro, it would be the Portuguese team to muster a courageous CT defence, gathering a six round gap by the end of first time. Christopher ‘MUTiRis’ Fernandes would push his team over the line, with 26 kills on the board, as SAW kicked the series 1-0.

Vertigo would be next, with SAW hoping to contradict what we had seen on Flashpoint 2 Closed Qualifier, where VP swept the map with a 16-2 score.

In spite of that, Virtus Pro wouldn’t give them the chance, keeping them at an arms length throughout the map. Before SAW could reach double digits, Mareks ‘YEKINDER’ Gaļinskis closed out the map, tying the series 1-1.

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Train gave the advantage to the CIS squad on paper, with a 70% win-rate past the last three months. They looked primed to boost this percentage, leading by one round at the end of their offensive side. SAW threatened a different outcome with a three round streak early in the second half, but they would end up falling 16-10.

Riding the momentum into the fourth map, Virtus Pro would smash the Portuguese roster during the first half of Dust 2.

On the verge of losing another series against the CIS squad, SAW would attempt a valiant comeback and nearly succeed, taking it to overtime but being unable to capitalize any rounds, finishing 19-16 and closing out the series to be crowned DreamHack Open December 2020 champions.

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