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CS:GO: Vitality Overcome Astralis to Seize BLAST Premier Fall Series

Making it all the way through the upper-bracket of BLAST Premier Fall Series, Team Vitality finish the year as the best Counter-Strike team at the moment, with this 2-1 victory over Astralis netting them their second event in a row, after conquering Natus Vincere on IEM Beijing-Haidian.

Astralis took us to the heights of Vertigo to start the series, but it seemed like the Danes had flew too close to the sun, as Vitality crushed any of their efforts, with an astonishing 13-2 first half leading to a 16-4 final score.

But, far from being shaken, Astralis would answer back in Dust2 with a not as dominant 11-4 half, even with Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom pitching in as a replacement for Kévin ‘misuta’ Rabier.

Now over at the defensive side of the map, Team Vitality would have a tall task in their hands if they wanted an early close to the series. Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire would lead by example and bring the French squad back into the map, assembling an impressive defence.

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His team would push it all the way to the 30th round, but would succumb at the last step, with Astralis closing it out 16-14 and taking us to the decider map.

With two of the best Inferno teams in the world facing each other for the BLAST Premier Fall Series title, the atmosphere seemed tantalizing heading up to map three. Misuta was back in the server as well, with Richard ‘shox’ Papillon being moved over to the bench.

apEX would be instrumental for the side of Vitality during the series – Credit to HLTV

Nevertheless, Astralis would have a very slow start and be strongly penalized by it, with Vitality dashing ahead with a 12-3 half. Being put in such a horrible position and with the first three rounds going the way of Vitality, the Danish squad had no chance to come back into the match unless they assembled a perfect CT side.

A double-kill from Nivera would open up a 2v1 that even Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth would not be able to clutch, with Team Vitality closing the series on an extraodinary 16-5 victory over Astralis.

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