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Current Standings for All Regions in the 2021 DPC Season

2021 DPC season

Six regions, six weeks, two divisions in each region, 96 competing teams in total, hundreds of players and games, and 18 spots up for grabs for the first Dota 2 Major of the season.

The Dota Pro Circuit includes every aspect of that list for its 2021 season. Fresh off the unforeseen suspension of its 2019-2020 season due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the 2021 DPC season revamped its operations under a new format and outlook for its extensive competitive ecosystem.

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Not only can the usual top teams continue to garner points to qualify for The International, those in the second and third-tier have a clear pathway that permits their ascension to the game’s apex event unlike before when they rummaged through extensive open qualifiers to sniff for qualification–not to mention prospect of earning substantial money which provides stability for their prolonged existence.

The current DPC presents teams far and wide with opportunities to thrive in their respective region beyond which they believed was possible in the past. All they must do now is compete and seize it.

Here’s a look at all the standings across the six major regions, both Upper and Lower Division, that comprise the 2021 DPC season.

Seeding Allocation

Teams finishing in the top two places in the Upper Division in the first part of the 2021 DPC season across all regions will earn a berth to the first Major tournament of the season. The first place team will advance outright to the playoff portion whereas the second place team will play in the group stage.

Subsequent seeding will vary for each region. In Europe and China, teams that finish third and fourth will play in the Major’s Wild Card, a preliminary competition preceding the proper tournament that decides the last two vacant spots for the group stage. The CIS and Southeast Asia will each send one team–the third-placed team from the Upper Division–to the Wild Card. North and South America won’t send any teams to the Wild Card.

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The bottom two teams of the Upper Division in each region by this season’s end will be relegated to the Lower Division for the next season. They will be replaced by the top two teams of the Lower Division. Additionally, the two bottom-dwelling teams of the Lower Division will lose their respective spot and would need to reclaim their spot in the following open qualifiers.

Full Standings


Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1Team Secret3-06-1Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Alliance2-15-2Major Group Stage300$28,000
3OG2-14-4Major Wild Card200$27,000
4Team Nigma2-14-4Major Wild Card100$26,000
5Tundra Esports2-26-450$25,000
6Team Liquid2-25-4$24,000
7Vikin.gg0-20-4Lower Division S2$23,000
8High Coast Esports0-41-8Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
1Hellbear Smashers3-06-0Upper Division S2$17,000
2Creepwave3-06-2Upper Division S2$16,000
3Spider Pigzs3-17-2$15,000
4No Bounty Hunter3-16-3$11,000
7Meta4Pro0-31-6Exit from Lower Div.
8Hippomaniacs0-40-8Exit from Lower Div.


Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1Team Aster3-06-1Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Invictus Gaming3-06-2Major Group Stage300$28,000
3PSG.LGD2-15-2Major Wild Card200$27,000
4Vici Gaming2-14-2Major Wild Card100$26,000
7LBZS0-30-6Lower Division S2$23,000
8Team MagMa0-30-6Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
1Sparking Arrow Gaming3-06-1Upper Division S2$17,000
2Phoenix Gaming3-06-2Upper Division S2$16,000
3CDEC Gaming2-15-3$15,000
4Royal Never Give Up2-14-2$11,000
5Dalanjing Gaming1-24-5$9,000
7Xtreme Gaming1-34-7Exit from Lower Div.
8Dynasty0-42-8Exit from Lower Div.


Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1Natus Vincere3-06-1Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Virtus.Pro2-04-0Major Group Stage300$28,000
3Live to Win1-12-2Major Wild Card200$27,000
4Team Empire1-12-3100$26,000
5Team Spirit1-24-450$25,000
7NoTechies1-22-5Lower Division S2$23,000
8Team Unique0-21-4Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
1Winstrike Team3-06-2Upper Division S2$17,000
2HellRaisers3-06-3Upper Division S2$16,000
7Imperial Pro Gaming0-22-4Exit from Lower Div.
8Gambit Esports0-21-4Exit from Lower Div.

Southeast Asia

Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1Neon Esports3-06-2Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Fnatic2-15-2Major Group Stage300$28,000
3BOOM Esports2-14-4Major Wild Card200$27,000
6TNC Predator1-23-4$24,000
7Vice Esports1-22-5Lower Division S2$23,000
8496 Gaming1-35-6Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
1Omega Esports3-06-1Upper Division S2$17,000
2Cignal Ultra3-06-2Upper Division S2$16,000
3Army Geniuses2-15-3$15,000
5Yangon Galacticos1-23-5$9,000
6Galaxy Racer1-23-5$7,000
7ZeroTwo1-34-6Exit from Lower Div.
8Lilgun0-21-4Exit from Lower Div.

North America

Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1Undying3-06-0Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Evil Geniuses3-06-2Major Group Stage300$28,000
3Quincy Crew2-04-0Major Wild Card200$27,000
4Sadboys1-13-2Major Wild Card100$26,000
54 Zoomers1-23-450$25,000
6Black N Yellow1-22-5$24,000
75ManMidas0-31-6Lower Division S2$23,000
8A-Team0-30-6Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
1simply TOOBASED4-08-2Upper Division S2$17,000
2The Cut3-06-1Upper Division S2$16,000
4Arkosh Gaming2-25-5$11,000
5Team DogChamp1-23-5$9,000
6Jiang Hu0-22-4$7,000
7Byzantine Raiders0-31-6
8Electronic Boys0-31-6

South America

Upper Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedDPC PointsPrize Pool (USD)
1beastcoast3-06-0Major Playoffs500$30,000
2Thunder Predator2-14-3Major Group Stage300$28,000
3SG e-sports2-14-3Major Wild Card200$27,000
4NoPing e-sports1-24-5Major Wild Card100$26,000
5Team Unknown1-23-450$25,000
6Latam Defenders1-23-5$24,000
7EgoBoys1-23-5Lower Division S2$23,000
8Infamous1-22-4Lower Division S2$22,000

Lower Division

PlaceTeamRecordGamesSeedPrize Pool (USD)
10-9003-06-3Upper Division S2$17,000
2Incubus Club3-17-3Upper Division S2$16,000
4Infinity Esports1-13-2$11,000
7Mad Kings0-20-4

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