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Dallas and Ultra Dominate the First Day of CDL Stage 3

Dallas and Ultra took confident wins on the first night of the CDL Stage 3 with some exciting maps throughout the two series’.

Paris Legions vs Dallas Empire

Starting off Stage 3 we have Paris vs Dallas, with the first map starting off very dominant for the EU team going 250-111 on Garrison hardpoint. To follow that map we had the two teams go against each other in another one sided affair with Dallas taking Express SnD 6-0.

Control started with the Empire on defense taking the first round reassuringly and then Legion doing the same the following round. The third round was another trade with Dallas taking the defense and going on with a controlling performance to win the offense taking the map count 2-1. 

Map 4 was once again on checkmate, with Dallas taking a strong and comfortable ending to the series winning the map 250-135. C6 went 30/18 with Skrapz and Temp carrying the Legionnaires having 28 and 26 kills respectively, ending the first series of the day 3-1 to the Texan based team.

Toronto Ultra vs Florida Mutineers

Map 1 started off pretty close on Checkmate Hardpoint, with the teams keeping it an extremely close game up until around the point with 2 minutes left where the Canadian outfit took it over 200 points to take map 1 250-161 going 1-0 into the Search and Destroy.

SnD began very close, having the Canadian’s go 3-2 against the Floridians on Express. Ultra were the ones to take it to 5-3 whilst the Mutineers decided they wanted to extend the map and took it round 11. Their efforts came unrewarded with CleanX and the team taking the map count 2-0. Cammy and Owakening having fantastic performances at the very start with both of them dropping 13 kills respectively.

Control was a very close map with FLA picking up round 1 and then the Ultra finding 2 rounds in extremely close rounds, going into round 4 with Toronto attacking on Raid. Owakening went massive in round 4 taking out 3 players near the end of the round winning it for his team taking it to round 5 and giving his team the attacking side.

Unfortunately for Florida, Ultra took the round easily without a single point being taken and Insight ending the map +20 going 38/18 with 6.5k damage.

Following the match Toronto decided to take a slight dig at their opposition about a Twitter poll that occurred earlier during the day.

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