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DAMWON Gaming Sweeps Nongshim RedForce to Win 2020 KeSPA Cup

DAMWON Gaming defeated Nongshim Red Force by the minimum required in a three-game sweep during the grand finals of the 2020 KeSPA Cup.

The best team in the world finishes writing the last chapter in their landmark year by adding another piece of silverware in their ever-growing trophy case.

The conclusion of this year’s KeSPA Cup finals transpired in wire-to-wire fashion in favor of DAMWON. Using Zoe, Syndra, and Yone, tournament MVP Heo “ShowMaker” Su reached a collective KDA of 15/2/25, vastly overpowering his lane opponent Park “Bay” Jun-byeong.

DAMWON’s AD Carry, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun, finished with 20/5/24 thanks to his adept usage of Miss Fortune, whereas Worlds 2020 Finals MVP and fellow teammate Kim  “Canyon” Geon-bu went 14/4/18 with his Graves, Olaf, and Nidalee.

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With the DAMWON 2020 KeSPA Cup victory, they become the first team in history to win both the competition and World Championship in the same year. Dating back from the 2020 LCK summer split, DAMWON compiled a 61-9 competitive record. This included results from the playoffs of which DAMWON participated in (i.e. the LCK summer grand finals and knockout rounds of Worlds).

Powered by their almost immutable lineup, DAMWON made quick work of Nongshim as they defeated them in sub-30 minutes in each game of the series. DAMWON didn’t relinquish any dragons to Nongshim in the finals. The only primary objective Nongshim managed to take was one rift herald, which happened during the beginning of Game 2.

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Whereas DAMWON fielded their main roster for the KeSPA Cup for the opportunity to synergize with top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, who replaced Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon after the latter joined FunPlus Phoenix, Nongshim played with a lineup that mainly featured rookies. The immense difference in experience between both squads essentially presented a sentiment among fans that prematurely decided the winner of the finals to be DAMWON.

Nevertheless, despite the steep odds heading into the finals, Nongshim remained resolute in their psyche. In other words, they welcomed it. As such, NSF drafted a late-game oriented composition in Game 1, selecting champions such as Orianna and Ezreal in the middle and bottom lane, but their plans were dashed via Canyon’s overwhelming CS farm superiority over Han “Peanut” Wang-ho.

Game 2 featured a reversal of Nongshim’s tactics, opting for an early-game composition spearheaded by Rumble in the mid-lane, but that was upended as well, this time by ShowMaker’s Syndra.

Game 3 offered a brief but interesting scene where Nongshim held a 1,000 gold advantage by the seven-minute mark, but DAMWON eventually revved their engines at an unforgiving pace and snowball the game away from their opponents.

DAMWON takes home 40,000,000 South Korean Won along with the KeSPA Cup for their victory over NRF in the grand finals. For Nongshim, they receive ₩20,000,000 as the tournament runners-up.

Both teams, along with the rest that participated in the tournament, with their prime rosters at the ready, will now set their sights on 2021 as the LCK spring split beckons.

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