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Dare to Compete for Fortnite’s New Daredevil Outfit

It looks like Epic is giving players who place high in each region of the Marvel Knockout Limited Time Mode (LTM) early access to the new Daredevil Outfit before it will be available to all players in the Item Shop.

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Credit: Epic Games

Epic will be hosting a new competitive tournament starting this Wednesday, October 14. This tournament will begin with the first cup of the series known as the “Daredevil Cup.” Below is a table of the ranks required to obtain the “Daredevil” in-game cosmetic outfit:

North America East1st-500th
North America West1st-200th
Middle East1st-100th
Credit: Epic Games

The mode that the tournament will be using is a variation of the Operation Knockout LTM known as “Marvel Knockout” this will allow players the use of super-powers to knockout their opponents and take home a sweet Victory Royale. Marvel Knockout also consists of a “4-round knockout fight.” In each round, players will be equipped with a different set of powers, of which the opponents are also equipped, in order to have balanced encounters, no player will be given an advantage nor a disadvantage, forcing players to rely on their skill as well as map knowledge and game sense.

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Will you be participating in the Marvel Knockout tournament for a chance to win the Daredevil outfit before it arrives in the item shop? Let us know in the comments down below!

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