Dead By Daylight: Jan 2021 Developer Update Out Now

Following the release of Dead By Daylight on next-gen consoles, the Jan 2021 Developer Update has been revealed and highlights some of the key changes for the asymmetrical horror game going forward. Here’s all we know...

It may be a new year, but the horror never stops. I am, of course, referring to Dead by Daylight and it’s continued success as the go-to asymmetrical horror game. I mean, that could also refer to the current state of the world but that’s another story.

Dead by Daylight is averaging almost 36,000 players on SteamCharts, so it’s safe to say that the game still has some legs. With any luck, this will continue if-not grow with the new update that we’re talking about.

In the Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update, there’s a few new things that we’re going to highlight below: The Clown Gameplay Changes, the HUD Update, and the Graphics Update. We’ll also cover some of the Quality of Life changes below…

Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update

First things first, we’re here to talk about The Clown and the several Gameplay Updates he’s going to be getting…

The Clown Gameplay Updates

The first, and most notable change, The Clown is getting is a new variant of his throwable bottles. The Afterpiece Antidote explodes into a gas cloud that gives anyone who steps in it a 10% additional movement speed. It works similarly to the Tonic and as the name suggests, will cure any side affects of this.

It’s an interesting addition as if used poorly, it can end up benefitting the Survivor as much as the Killer. However, it will undoubtedly prove useful in the final stages of hunting down the stragglers with the additional movement speed it grants.

The Clown also has a reduced reload time. This is now going to be 3s, down from 5s. On top of all this, despite offering no specifics, Behaviour Interactive have confirmed that there has been “a pass” on The Clown’s add-ons to offer up new gameplay oppourtunities.

HUD Update

It’s been around four years since Dead by Daylgiht launched and, despite minor changes, the HUD has remained largely the same. Well, say goodbye to that.

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Behaviour Interactive are revamping the in-game HUD with their latest batch of updates. Most notably, there are Character Portraits next to player names to help in-game identification. There’s also going to be a Hook Counter ( to remind you who’s been hooked already ), and a Hook Progress Meter for the Killer ( showing similar information, albeit anonymously ).

Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update
New HUD, Who Dis? / Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has also added a long-awaited UI Scale feature, meaning you can decide how much of the screen you want the HUD to take up. This has also been designed with streamers in mind, which is a thoughtful touch.

Survivor Animation Tuning

Despite Dead by Daylight being a next-generation title, there wasn’t actually too many improvements other than stability and performance updates. That doesn’t mean Behaviour Interactive have given up, though. This Jan 2021 Developer Update is the first step in the Dead by Daylight journey to realism. Sort of.

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There has been an update to player animations, particularly locomotion, that aim to preserve the actual movement itself while giving it a more realistic feel through altered animations. Behaviour Interactive have released a short preview highlighting this; however, I feel that the only way to truly appreciate these changes would be to play the game.

Ratings & Rankings

Matchmaking Ratings are making a return to Dead by Daylight alongside tests for re-enabling skill-based matchmaking. Detailed information about Matchmaking Ratings can be found here: DBD Matchmaking Ratings

In addition to this, Rank Rewards are coming in an effort to give more meaning to the ranks now they’re not being used for matchmaking purposes. It’s also worth noting that the Ranks for Killer and Survivor are separate… So, double Blood Points!

Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Graphics Update

These have been coming slowly, but Behaviour Interactive have confirmed that Gideon Meat Plant and Crotus Prenn Asylum are the next two maps to get a graphical overhaul.

Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

This, with any luck, will continue and transform Dead by Daylight into the next-gen title it can be!

Quality of Life Updates

The Wraith

The cloaked Wraith is getting some alterations to his visibility in an effort to make it harder for Survivors to keep track of him.

  • Completely Invisible beyond 24m;
  • Somewhat visible between 24m and 16m;
  • Unchanged when within 16m;

The Trapper

The Trapper’s Trap is getting a change to, hopefully, make Traps more reliable and bring an intensity to being trapped. This is being called Flat Distribution. Rather than it being a 25% chance to escape each time, it will now take between 1 and 6 attempts.

  • Between 1 – 3 attempts; the chance to escape is lower than before;
  • At 4 attempts; the chance to escape is roughly the same;
  • Between 5 – 6 attempts; the chance to escape is higher than before;

Deep Wound

  • Deep Wound Timer is now 20s regardless of how it was applied;

Diversion / Pebble

  • Reduced activation time w/ simplified perk tiers to make it more usable at lower levels;


  • Will remain active while injured;

Hex: Undying

  • Any time a Hex Totem is cleansed, it will replace the Hex: Undying Totem and deactivate it;
  • Any tokens accumulated are kept when a Hex perk transfers totems;
  • Aura reading only applied to dull totems;

Iron Maiden

  • Exposed effect extended to 30s;

Open Handed

  • Increased aura reading range bonus to 8/ 12/ 16m;
  • Limited to one Open Handed effect at a time;

Second Wind

  • Reducing Second Wind healing time after being unhooked;

For the full Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update, you can find it by following the link here. Source: Dead by Daylight Jan 2021 Developer Update

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