Dead By Daylight Upgrade Free For Next-Gen Players

Want to take your murder to the next generation of consoles? Well, a Dead By Daylight upgrade was announced today which will let current owners play an upgraded version of the game for free on next-gen consoles!

You read that right. Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical horror game lives on! A Dead By Daylight upgrade is coming late 2020 to coincide with the next generation of consoles. This version of Dead by Daylight will feature improved visuals: It will run at 60FPS with 4K graphics. 

On top of this, Behaviour Interactive have announced that the lighting and VFX will be “vastly upgraded”. This is being done alongside improved modelling, textures, and animations. More props are coming to the maps, and “functions will be given to rooms to make them more identifiable”. This could mean room-specific interactions, or maybe just a higher level of environmental detail. 

Dead By Daylight Upgrade To Eventually Fully Remaster Game

In the tweet below, you can see the announcement from @DeadByBHVR. 

From the tweet, you can see that console players will get an upgraded version of Dead By Daylight for free AND get to keep their progress! 

This all makes sense, given the consistent popularity of the title. It’s easily the most popular asymmetrical horror title (Sorry Friday the 13th!) Recently, it added a highly-anticipated Silent Hill-themed content pack. With the potential to continue their “paid chapter” content plan, it makes sense to carry the title over to the next generation. 

Dead By Daylight Upgrade
CreditL GodisaGeek

The upgrading of games between consoles is an interesting topic across the industry. Some titles are offering free next-gen upgrades, like Dead by Daylight and Cyberpunk 2077. However, some are charging people for this, like Black Ops Cold War. Do you think you should have to pay extra for the upgrade? 

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