Deep Rock Galactic: Voltaic SMG Mods Guide

Voltaic SMG mods

If you’re looking to optimise your Deep Rock Galactic Gear setup, you’ve come to the right place! This short Voltaic SMG mods guide will discuss the options for the five tiers of Voltaic SMG mods and whether or not they’re worth considering in your own mod build or outright skippable.

Tier 1

  • Increased Caliber Rounds +2 Damage per shot
  • Upgraded Capacitors +30% electrocution chance
  • Expanded Ammo Bags +120 Maximum ammo

Time for one of those fun tiers where everything is viable. Damage is always good, so Increased Caliber Rounds is always a solid choice. Upgraded Capacitors is the single best Electrocution upgrade available in the entire set of mod options here.

As usual, Expanded Ammo Bags is a reliable classic – particularly here where it adds so much ammo. If you’re building focused on electricity, take Upgraded Capacitors. Otherwise, either of the other options is fair game.

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Tier 2

  • High Capacity Magazine – +10 Magazine Size
  • Recoil Dampener – Halved Recoil
  • Improved Gas System – +3 Rate of Fire

An unusual set of choices for this tier, High Capacity Magazine offers an immediate practical solution early in the mod tiers to the issue of the somewhat small original magazine of only 30 rounds. Recoil Dampener is a debatable one, as in some weapons it can be absolutely amazing, while in others its nigh-pointless. Test it out for yourself and see if you think its worthwhile, otherwise, take High Capacity Magazine.

But wait, we haven’t covered Improved Gas System yet. And I do have a reason for that. This is an SMG with an already high fire rate and low base damage. You can boost the fire rate with Improved Gas System if you want to, but this thing is already ammo-hungry. You’ll run out of bullets damn fast if you emphasize the already high fire rate even more.

Tier 3

  • High Velocity Rounds – +2 Damage Per shot
  • Expanded Ammo Bags – +120 Maximum Ammo

We get a relatively simple choice here. If you find you run out of bullets a lot with the Stubby Voltaic SMG, take Expanded Ammo Bags for the 120 max ammo and 60 per resupply. If you find it’s ammo to be alright already, take the damage from High-Velocity Rounds. This is the easiest place to justify High-Velocity Rounds if you want to take it at all.

Voltaic SMG Mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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Tier 4

  • Hollow-Point Bullets – +30% additional damage dealt to weak points
  • Conductive Bullets – +30% additional damage versus electrified enemies

Hollw-Point Bullets will help you melt through targets you’re focusing on and should be the default choice – unless you are going all in on an electricity based build – in which case Conductive Bullets should be used instead.

if you took Upgraded Capacitors before, you should have 50% chance to electrify, which means on average it’ll take 2 shots before you’re getting that additional damage bonus from Conductive Bullets – at which point you’re getting the same benefit as you would from using Hollow-Point Bullets on a weak spot, so this tier comes down to what your electrify chance is, in short.

Tier 5

  • Magazine Capacity Tweak – +20 magazine capacity
  • Electric Arc – 25% chance for electrocution effect to bounce to nearby targets

Magazine Capacity Tweak is a pretty big boost to your magazine size, if you took High Capacity Magazine earlier on, this upgrade is still expanding your total magazine size by 50% more. A solid reliable choice, means more time spent shooting, less time spent reloading.

Electric Arc, in contrast, provides a bit more variable value – If you’ve been focusing on Electrocution mods thus far, its a clear winner. On average, it takes only 2 rounds to get an Electrocution effect – and every one of those will have a 25% chance to electrify other nearby targets – averaging every 8 rounds, so you’ll typically be activating the effect between 3 to 5 times per magazine – however, if you haven’t focused on Electrocution upgrades, Electric Arc will be substantially worse.

Take this one Electric Arc IF, and only IF, you’ve focused on electrocution thus far, otherwise, take Magazine Capacity Tweak.

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Voltaic SMG mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Here’s an example of what the finished Electrocution focus build should look like. If you’ve been taking those upgrades when they came up, you should end up with something like this.

If you’d be interested in reading more about Voltaic SMG mods, the link to the wiki is here.

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