Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Beneath The Ice Teaser

Europa with Pyramid Ship

Bungie has revealed a new teaser for possible new (and returning) exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Watch the teaser below!

Credit: Twitter

New Exotic Sniper?

New weapon for Beyond Light

A short clip in the minute-long teaser for Destiny 2 Beyond Light reveals a possible new addition to the Exotic weapon lineup. This time, it looks as though it is a sniper (or possibly a long range marksman rifle?). Some players claim that it looks like returning Destiny 1 sniper “Hereafter.” If this is indeed Hereafter, it must be equipped with a new ornament, because there are significant differences in the scope and body of the rifle. Other wishful thinkers in the community want the new sniper to be another returning Destiny 1 sniper, “Icebreaker.” I think that this is highly unlikely due to the fact that Bungie themselves have said that they have attempted to bring Icebreaker forward into D2 but it was impossible and broke the game. I think that this is most likely a brand new sniper that we haven’t seen before in the Destiny universe.

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No Time To Explain

No Time To Explain pulse rifle

The second and final weapon tease that Bungie showed off in the new teaser for Beyond Light is one that has been previously revealed as a returning weapon from Destiny 1. “No Time To Explain” was an Exotic pulse rifle (burst rifle) in Destiny 1, an iconic weapon that many players felt was a must to return to Destiny 2. Since we have already seen this revealed, it would make sense that Bungie might reveal the weapon perks (and possibly ornaments) with whatever announcement Bungie has cryptically revealed.

Tune in tomorrow on October 7 to see what Bungie has planned for the community! Until then, Festival of the Lost begins at reset on October 6 (Today!)

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