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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Collector’s Edition Reveals Possible Plot

People who have pre-ordered the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Collector’s Edition have begun receiving their physical goods and there’s a lot to…unpack (literally).

Credit: Bungie Store

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light Collector’s Edition comes filled to the brim with goodies for players to enjoy including…

  • Europa Explorer Canteen
  • Die-Cast Splinter of Darkness Replica with lights
  • Europa Explorer’s Bag
  • Mysterious Logbook
  • Exclusive Collector’s Edition Emblems

I also got a sticker and a Europa postcard (both pretty cool). The Europa Explorer Canteen is actually bigger than I expected it to be (actual dimensions: 7″ x 4″ x 1.375″) and looks like it’ll hold quite a bit of liquid (perfect for a November trip to Europa!) All of the items come packed inside the Europa Explorer’s Bag which itself is very nicely designed and roomy. I think the coolest items though are the lore entries as well as the Splinter of Darkness Replica.

The replica is made out of a die-cast metal and is much heavier than I expected it to be when first grasping the Darkness for myself. According to the instruction pamphlet, there are 4 different lighting modes: On, Breathe, Code, and Off. What stuck out to me was the Code setting. When the replica is set to the Code setting (lucky for you I will not say Code Mode, though I would certainly like to), the replica lights start to blink in what appears to be Morse code. I spent 15 minutes trying to decipher this code by inputting the code into a Morse code translator to no avail. I then decided to Google it and discovered that the code was for 3 emblems that I had already redeemed as they had been discovered days before…still cool though.

Now for what you came here for…

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The Letter And The Lore

Credit: Bungie Store

Bungie also included a list of logs the Exo Stranger has deciphered, of which will inevitably end up in the game at some point, so all players can have access to the whole story. The lore entries are seemingly written as journal entries just like the Season of Arrivals weekly lore entries were written by Eris as journal entries. These, however, are about the interdict (prohibition) on Europa. Before the events of Beyond Light, Europa was prohibited to Guardians at the order of the Vanguard. With little evidence to support the continued prohibition of Europa, the author of the logs recommends lifting the interdict on Europa and allowing Guardians to once again conduct Vanguard business on the icy moon of Jupiter.

“In conclusion, I cannot find strong strategic reasons to maintain the interdict on Europa. We lifted the interdict on the Moon not five years ago, resulting in a series of strategic key victories and intelligence findings…but also triggering the arrival of Oryx, an event that gave Ghaul his Light-suppressing technology and ultimately led to the awakening of the lunar intruder. Perhaps Europa will prove as consequential? We cannot shrink from new discoveries simply because they may lead to new challenges. Victory, after all, requires escalation.”

Perhaps the biggest part of this letter is the handwritten entry on the back of the page. “Guardian– This is an artifact of Darkness, and now I entrust it to you. Do not take this charge lightly. I have seen firsthand what its power can do to Guardians who wield it…even to you. Like all new ground, it can prove treacherous to walk. Listen to your Little Light, and remember that you will live with your choices forever. My grandfather came to Europa before the Collapse to seek immortality. He thought he was chosen to lead humanity to the future. His experiments to this end were…hideous. Despite my qualms, I collaborated with him. I accept my responsibility in full; I would have you know everything. ‘O nymph, in your orisons, be all my sins remember’d.’ You are not a nymph, but the principle holds, yes? We must know what he did with the power you now grasp. I have included a hard copy of the logs deciphered so far. Reader beware. My grandfather was worse than you know. Your stranger I remain, E”

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So…there it is. The Exo Stranger is now confirmed (though it was strongly hinted at before) to be Elisabeth (Elsie) Bray. Adoptive sister of Ana Bray and granddaughter of Clovis Bray. According to Elsie, Clovis was incredibly dangerous…more so than we once thought him to be. It’s quite possible that Clovis Bray, in some shape or form, may play a pivotal role in our adventures on Europa. Maybe he was the one that showed Eramis the ability to harness the Darkness? It looks like we’ll find out on November 10 when Destiny 2 Beyond Light launches to all players who have purchased any version of the expansion including the Beyond Light Collector’s Edition.

Have you had a chance to get lost in the Destiny lore? If not, I highly recommend it, it’s very interesting and if reading isn’t your thing, MynameisByf is an incredibly talented content creator with an entrancing voice that does a fantastic job of detailing the entire Destiny universe. Now I’ll be losing myself in the Mysterious Logbook and reaching for every little detail I can find…

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