Destiny 2: Beyond Light Complete New Exotics Guide

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Bungie gave players an expectation-shattering look at all the new Exotics coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light today. Let’s give them a look and see what they have in store for us in November. Watch the teaser for the new Weapons and Gear below!

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No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle
Credit: Bungie

Let’s start with the No Time to Explain: An exotic pulse rifle that Bungie has decided to bring forward into Destiny 2 with some major changes.

In Destiny 2, the No Time to Explain will return shots to the magazine on precision shots as it did in Destiny 1, but it will also return shots to the magazine on hits against enemies that have been affected by the new Stasis element coming in Beyond Light. Stacking this effect will now be used to summon a portal which Bungie says will fire bullets from an alternate timeline of the weapon.

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This was a completely unexpected move from Bungie and I can’t wait to find out not only how this weapon feels, but also how they justify the change in the lore of the game (my guess is that the Exo “Elsie Bray” Stranger made some modifications with some stolen Vex tech.)

Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle
Credit: Bungie

Cloudstrike (very aptly named) is a new exotic sniper rifle coming with the launch of Beyond Light. As stated above, precision final blows with this weapon generates lightning bolts at the target location, rapid precision shots will summon an entire storm at the point of impact.

This seems sort of like Zhalo Supercell/ Riskrunner/ Thunderlord in sniper form, which seems like it could be useful for collaterals in Crucible. However, I have a feeling that unless the weapon is a “good” sniper regardless of the exotic perk, it really won’t see much play outside of PvE.

I must say though, I’m loving the model of the gun with the sort of crescent moon looking stock at the back, very “stormy.” With the weapon revolving around lightning and storms as does the new location, Europa, I think that there’s a pretty good chance this may end up shipping as the Europa planetary quest exotic that comes with Beyond Light.

The Lament Exotic Sword
Credit: Bungie

What looks to be Bungie’s alternative to the legendary sword added in Season of Arrivals, “Darkdrinker” (I mean..Falling Guillotine), the new exotic sword The Lament is another alternative to take down Barrier Champion shields. This will most likely be the way to go in the 2021 updated Vault of Glass raid, if Bungie does decide to add Champions. The Lament, in its description, reminds me quite a bit of The Red Queen from the Devil May Cry series.

The Red Queen, like The Lament, also has a rev ability to charge the sword and do more damage. Though, The Red Queen does not heal the wielder after damaging an enemy at peak charge. I think this will be about the only competition Falling Guillotine might have in the next year (since Guillotine doesn’t sunset until Season 14), but I expect most players will choose to utilize their exotic slot elsewhere for most activities.

Salvation's Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher
Credit: Bungie

Last up in the weapons list we have Salvation’s Grip. Salvation’s Grip is an exotic grenade launcher with the ability to throw projectiles that form Stasis crystals that will freeze nearby targets, holding a charge on this weapon will increase the amount of crystals created and will also increase the freeze radius. This seems like a very unique design, reminiscent of Jötunn in the way the user wields the weapon.

From what it looks like, the weapon fits almost like a glove and is gripped from the inside and the outside rather than solely the exterior of the weapon. This is definitely more of a support weapon, and I expect it will be used as such by players who prefer to support their fireteam rather than stand on the front lines and deal direct massive amounts of damage.

Exotic Armor Banner

New Exotics For The Titan?

Icefall Mantle Exotic Titan Gauntlets
Credit: Bungie

The first of the new Beyond Light exotics: Titan exotic gauntlets, the Icefall Mantle looks to be one of the most used Titan exotics ever. Icefall Mantles give Titan players the ability to replace their Barricade class ability with an Overshield. Meaning max resilience Titans can pop overshields almost non-stop. I foresee quite a lot of use not only in PvE but also lots of usage in PvP, especially higher skill playlists such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.

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Precious Scars Exotic Titan Helmet
Credit: Bungie

It seems that Beyond Light will be an era for Overshields for Titan mains, as the Precious Scars helmet grants an Overshield aura on revives, this aura protects not only the wearer but also nearby allies, meaning it may be a good idea to stick together rather than splitting up individually in the new activities in November.

How About The Hunter?

Beyond Light New Exotics
Credit: Bungie

Hunters can blink again. Kind of. Yep, if you’ve been playing Hunter since D1, I’m sure you’ve missed the shared Warlock/Hunter jump ability: Blink. Well, it seems like the Mask of Bakris Hunter helmet will satisfy players, at the very least on the ground. I’m not quite sure if this will allow players to replace their Dodge ability with Blink (“Shift” as Bungie calls it now), but it is only shown while grounded, so chances are Hunters will have to wait a bit longer for the full experience.

Beyond Light New Exotics
Credit: Bungie

Arthrysy’s (Arthritis’s as I’m sure players will meme it up) Embrace is a new Beyond Light exotic that grants Hunters who use the weighted knife ability tree an improved knife with a second ricochet as well as the ability to temporarily stagger enemies with rapid precision hits; this also grants a damage bonus.

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And For Warlocks?

Beyond Light New Exotics
Credit: Bungie

Dawn Chorus (a little disappointed they didn’t call it Firefly) is the new Warlock helmet that, while equipped, grants increased damage to Daybreak (Warlock super ability aka “flying swords”) projectiles as well as cause enemies to burn on contact. I think the only thing that could help this exotic see any play whatsoever is the ability to gain melee energy each time a burn damages a target, but even then why not just use Sunbracers?

I don’t know, it has potential depending on the percentage increase of the damage buff, but I don’t see myself using this at all, especially considering the next and final exotic on the list.

Beyond Light New Exotics
Credit: Bungie

This is far and beyond (light) my favorite exotic on the list of armor. I, along with many players, have long awaited new melee abilities for warlocks. Hunters get throwing knives and smoke bombs and Titans get to full send their opponents into oblivion, but Warlocks have always been lacking in the melee abilities (I’m aware Celestial Fire is currently broken, but that’s all we have). Adding poison damage to Warlock melee is such an interesting concept and I expect to see this everywhere.

Well, that’s what we got in the Weapons and Gear reveal for today! Which of the Beyond Light new Exotics are you excited to use?

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