Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Who is the Exo Stranger?

Beyond Light has re-introduced the Exo Stranger to Destiny. But, who is that? Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s Exo Stranger.

The next Destiny 2 expansion “Beyond Light” release in just under a month now, and we thought it would be fun to go over the history of some of the major characters that will be involved in the icy expansion set on Europa. So let’s take a look at the Exo Stranger:

Beyond Light Exo Stranger Origins

The “nameless” Exo Stranger voiced by Lauren Cohan first appeared in Destiny in an iconic area treasured by many and set to return to Destiny 2 in November…The Cosmodrome.

Here, the Stranger is seen watching the player escape the Cosmodrome from a distance. Further into the story, the player arrives on the moon and she is seen lurking on a distant ledge watching and waiting for the Guardian to make a move into the ancient Hive Temple of Crota.

Beyond Light Exo Stranger
Credit: Forbes

At the end of the mission on the moon, the Stranger is able to relay a message to Ghost telling players “Go down and face the Hive, and if you live, come find me.” The next time the Stranger appears is after Ghost sends the player to Venus, where we discover the reason she has been trailing us is to deliver a warning about the incoming Vex threat to the Black Garden.

She begins to tell us “Many Guardians fell. Strong ones. But you made it here–” and is then cut off by an incoming transmission from a currently unknown source. We overhear pieces of her conversation, “Yes, I’m listening. They are here. With me. Understood.”

She quickly ends the conversation and turns back to the Guardian and proceeds to tell us that “The greatest threat to us all lies [in the Black Garden], where these machines (the Vex). Find the Black Garden. Rip out its heart. Only then will your Traveler begin to heal.”

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She ends by telling the Guardian about the Awoken race and their connection to the Black Garden, then proceeds to vanish after another transmission sends her back to hold off enemy forces. This is the last time we see the Stranger until the final cinematic for the base campaign where she hands over her legendary pulse rifle and vanishes, never to be seen again…until now.

Beyond Light…and Beyond?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light will see the long-awaited return of the Exo Stranger complete with an updated look and a somehow even darker tone.

Beyond Light Exo Stranger
Credit: Syan Art

It seems that the Stranger has brought Drifter as well as Eris Morn to the icy moon of Jupiter, Europa, to uncover secrets of the Darkness, the underlying all-powerful enemy of the Traveler. She has discovered a new threat, Eramis.

Eramis, the new Fallen Kell of Darkness, has united a dark empire of Fallen who seem to possess the same Darkness abilities that players will also embrace with Beyond Light. Since the last appearance in the original Destiny and her return in Beyond Light, the Stranger has been physically absent for a full six years. While she was mentioned in some information surrounding the Destiny 2 DLC Warmind linking her true identity to Elsie Bray, the adopted sister of Ana Bray.

This seems to be the only hint to her existence in Destiny 2 before Beyond Light. The Stranger also appears to now be accompanied by a “little light” of her own, though this has been confirmed by Destiny Game Director, Luke Smith, to not be a ghost though similar in size and shape.

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What are your theories on the Exo Stranger in Beyond Light? Will she stick around for good or will she disappear yet again after the events of Beyond Light are resolved? Let us know what you think in the comments down below! Destiny 2 Beyond Light launches on November 10, until then I’ll be farming more exotic gear as well as attaining Season Rank 500.

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