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Destiny 2: Dawning Rewards Include First Customizable Ship

The Dawning. The annual Winter event in Destiny 2 that began in Destiny 1 is set to make its return in 2020 on December 15. So let’s take a look at some of the rewards you can grab from this year’s event, including the very first customizable ship in Destiny history!

New Exotic Ghost Shells!

Destiny 2 Little Helper Shell
Credit: Bungie

First up, a Ghost Shell! This little guy’s name is the “Little Helper Shell” according to Seeing this little guy makes me wish I got the snowball Ghost Shell back in Season 5.

Destiny 2 Emberwick Shell
Credit: Bungie

We also got a quick look at another Shell, and it looks really nice! I’m enjoying the cream colored ghost with the flame matching his Ghost…eye? Whatever the thing in the middle of Ghost is. We know that it’s known as the “Emberwick Shell” and honestly it’s fitting.

Destiny 2 Tangled Shell
Credit: Bungie

I love the lights on Ghost here, though I am going to immediately put a red shader on him in the hopes of making him just a tad more festive…hopefully the string lights get shaded too? I feel like it would make sense for them to shade, but honestly I have no idea what Bungie’s parameters for shaders are anymore. This one’s name is “Tangled Shell” for obvious reasons.

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The Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle

Dawning Destiny 2 Glacioclasm
Credit: Bungie

The Glacioclasm, a brand new legendary fusion rifle coming with the Dawning in Destiny 2 is the next reward on the list. Unfortunately, the weapon deals Void damage rather than Stasis, which means our dreams of shooting icicles has sadly been….put on ice. Though if you’re a warlock, you can always just craft a melee build and pop off ice balls whenever you want to, so all is not lost! All jokes aside, I do like the way this fusion looks. The blue and gold accents pair nicely, even if it’s basically just a reskin of the ever-haunting Erentil-FR4.

Silverwing Kestrel

Dawning Destiny 2 Exotic Ship
Credit: Bungie

Not much is currently known about this Exotic Ship other than its name “Silverwing Kestrel” and that we will have the ability to fully pimp this bad boy out. I’m talking custom engine trails, transmat effects, and an animated shader exclusive to the ship! This will definitely be an easy purchase for fans of the Dawning in Destiny 2. I’m also very happy with the fact that it’s not just another reskin of the first ship players are able to fly in Destiny 1 like most of the other “unique” ships in Destiny 2.

New Exotic Sparrows!

Dawning Destiny 2 Exotic Sparrows
Credit: Bungie

3 brand new Exotic Sparrows (Gift Giver, Polar Prancer, and The Mirthmobile) will also be available during the Dawning this year in Destiny 2. The Mirthmobile (not pictured above) seems to be Bungie’s competitor to the Micro-Mini as it’s another tiny Sparrow, and I’ve gotta be honest I’m here for it.

New Armor Ornaments!

Dawning Destiny 2 Armor Sets
Credit: Bungie

With every new seasonal event in Destiny 2, we’ve also got 3 brand new sets of Universal Armor Ornaments! I’m actually a really big fan of the way all of this armor looks and I think I actually like…the Titan’s armor the most? That will probably be the last time I ever say that, but I suppose we’ll see.

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That’s about all the rewards we know about so far. Are you excited for this Dawning in Destiny 2? I’m hoping that we’ll get some sort of activity, but it’ll probably be passive ingredient collecting from pre-existing activities to bake goodies for vendors across the system, so I’ll probably log on for reset and go from there. The Dawning celebrations begin on December 15 at reset, until then, happy Dawning, Guardians!

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