Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2020

1 guardian of each class wearing the new Festival of the Lost ornaments

October is off to a spooky start, and with the start of the new month, Bungie is bringing us new information about the upcoming Destiny 2 event “Festival of the Lost.”

Credit: Bungie

Festival of the Lost is the annual Halloween event in Destiny 2, and while past years have seen some backlash due to the overwhelming amount of microtransactions with last year’s event being deemed by many players “Festival of the Cost” and underwhelming amount of new content, 2020 seems to breathe a breath of fresh air into the event.

The Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest is the staple activity of Festival of the Lost, it is a variation of the Infinite Forest introduced with the Curse of Osiris DLC all the way back in 2017. This version is much darker and filled with lots of spooky additions including the occasional spider crawling across players’ screens. In order to access the Haunted Forest, players must attain a minimum recommended Power level of 770 (though characters created before the launch of New Light do not have to achieve 770 Power to receive the quest). There are two versions of the Haunted Forest: “Haunted Forest” and “Firewalled Haunted Forest.” The standard Haunted Forest “features matchmaking, and will pair players until a Fireteam of three has been assembled” whereas the Firewalled Haunted Forest does not include matchmaking, and will force players to either form their own fireteam or venture in solo if they choose. This activity seems copied and pasted from past years, and while I do enjoy the Haunted Forest myself, it does tend to be very repetitive and many players are tired of anything and everything to do with the Infinite Forest, though it seems that this may change when Mercury, home of the Infinite Forest, is removed from the game on November 10th with the release of Beyond Light.


Various masks included in Festival of the Lost

If anything in Festival of the Lost is as iconic as the Haunted Forest, it’s the various character masks that Eva Levante has for sale. This year, there are six different masks that Bungie has revealed so far including the: Fractured Traveler, Variks, Exo Stranger, Ana Bray, Wrapped Traveler, and (my favorite) the Bubbling Mask. I don’t expect Bungie to surprise us with any more masks that may yet be revealed, but we’ll see.

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The rewards have improved substantially from last year, with the Braytech Werewolf as well as the iconic auto rifle Horror Story returning with new perks. I’m not holding out hope that they will include new perks, but rather just new perk combinations compared to their previous variants. There are also 3 brand new exotics to be claimed, including a sparrow, and a jumpship.

Exotic Sparrow reward
Credit: Bungie
Exotic Jumpship Reward
Credit: Bungie

The third exotic to claim is a mummified ghost shell, but to claim the shell as well as the ability to purchase a unique Ghost pin through Bungie Rewards, players must complete the “Wrapped and Ready” Triumph. Completing the full Festival of the Lost quest also grants a spooky free in-game emblem.

Exotic Ghost Shell Reward
Credit: Bungie
Purchasable Ghost Shell pin
Festival of the Lost Emblem
Credit: Bungie

Festival of the Lost begins on October 6, 2020 at 10am PT and 1pm EST. Until then, that’s a wrap!

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