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Destiny 2: How to Obtain Beyond Light Exotic Armor

Beyond Light has brought players some brand new Exotic armor pieces to chase after, so how exactly do you get your hands on these new Beyond Light Exotics?

New Lost Sectors And New Exotic Armors

Beyond Light has introduced a couple of new Lost Sectors on Europa (Concealed Void, Perdition, and Bunker E15) and the Cosmodrome (Exodus Garden 2A and Veles Labyrinth). While this isn’t exactly out of the ordinary for most recent Destiny expansions, Bungie has implemented a “Legend” and “Master” difficulty for each of these Lost Sectors. This is on a daily rotation, so each daily reset will bring a brand new pair of Lost Sectors to complete on each difficulty.

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with the new Exotic Armor? Well…if you complete the Lost Sectors on either Legend or Master difficulty solo, you have a higher chance to get a specified type of Armor as you open the boss cache at the end.

So what new Beyond Light Exotics can you expect from these Legend and Master Lost Sectors?

Exotic Arms:

  • Necrotic Grip (Warlock)
  • Athrys’s Embrace (Hunter)
  • Icefall Mantle (Titan)

Exotic Helmets:

  • Dawn Chorus (Warlock)
  • Mask of Bakris (Hunter)
  • Precious Scars (Titan)

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Concealed Void – Europa

Credit: Gamezo

If you look at the rewards for this Master Lost Sector, you’ll find that an Exotic Helmet is a common drop if you complete the Master Lost Sector by yourself.

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This doesn’t guarantee that you will obtain one of the new Exotic Helmets, but if you already have every other Exotic Armor piece, you have a much higher chance of obtaining it.

Bunker E15 – Europa

Beyond Light Exotic
Credit: Gamezo

Same goes for the Legend Lost Sector. Looking at the rewards, you’ll find that if you complete it solo, you have a rare chance to obtain an Exotic Leg piece from the final boss cache.

From what I’ve done so far, I’ve gotten both the Necrotic Grip (Warlock Gauntlets) and the Dawn Chorus (Warlock Helmet) from the Legend Lost Sector after one or two runs, so it’s actually a substantial drop rate.

Perdition – Europa

Beyond Light Exotic
Credit: Polygon

Exodus Garden 2A – Cosmodrome

Beyond Light Exotic
Credit: Shacknews

Veles Labyrinth – Cosmodrome

Beyond Light Exotic
Credit: Gamezo

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The best part about it all is that there’s no cap on the Lost Sector rewards! You can feel free to go in and farm them as much as you’d like and continue to get rewards every time!

I, for one, am very happy that Bungie is finally allowing players to focus farm specific gear, I find that it really helps give players things to do even after they’ve finished all of the weekly stuff to do. I really hope that Bungie continues to add more activities like this.

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