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Destiny 2: Exotic Shotgun Guide – Getting Duality

In Destiny 2, an Exotic Shotgun is just one of the new seasonal weapons that shipped with the Season of the Hunt Expansion. Here’s everything you need to go about getting your hands on it.

Duality Is The New Exotic Shotgun In Destiny 2

Duality is the name of the newest Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2. It’s being added as a part of the Season of the Hunt expansion. As the name suggests, Duality has two firing modes.

With the Exotic Perk “Compression Chamber”, when the gun is fired from the hip it behaves like you’d expect a shotgun to. However, when aiming down sights… Duality fires a single slug shot that behaves more like a Sniper Rifle. It deals increased precision damage, similar to the other Exotic Weapon: The Chaperone.

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun
Credit: Bungie

Much like every other Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2, the Duality has an unique trait: On Black Wings. This unique trait states that “pellet final blows grant a stacking precision damage and reload speed buff.” In addition to this, “Precision hits with slugs extend the duration.”

According to the Destiny 2 DPS master, Ehroar, the buff lasts for just shy of 7 seconds. This duration resets after each kill, so with a magazine size of 6, you’ve got plenty of time to activate and make use of the perk.

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On Black Wings stacks up to a max of 5 (as the gun only holds 6 shots in the magazine), but this can be overridden by using certain reload workaround Exotics such as Transversive Steps for Warlocks which allows the perk to stack up to a whopping 7 stacks for a 54.7% total increase in damage!

How Do I Get It Though?

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun
Credit: Bungie

Players can obtain Duality from either the free track of the Season Pass at Rank 35 pictured above or as part of the premium track for about $10 USD.

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Purchasing the premium track of the Season Pass will grant players access to the Rank 1 Rewards package including not only Duality, but also a full set of the seasonal gear and a large XP boost to help out with levelling up through the season.

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun
Credit: Bungie

Purchasing the premium track will also grant you the ability to earn the Exotic Ornament “Antiquity” for Duality and it looks pretty sweet:

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun
Credit: Bungie

Well…that’s all you need to know about how to obtain the new Exotic Shotgun in Season of the Hunt!

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Do you plan on earning it through the free or premium track? Have you already tested it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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