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Destiny 2: How to Unlock “The Lament” Exotic Sword

Thanks to the world’s first Deep Stone Crypt Raid completion, you might be wondering How To Unlock “The Lament”, Destiny 2’s newest Exotic. There are a few story spoilers ahead, but here’s how you get it…

Recently, Destiny 2’s Luminous landed the first completion in the brand-new Deep Stone Crypt Raid. With this, players got a look at everything the Raid has to offer. Sure, the quest is fun but we’re here to talk about the loot.

That loot being The Lament, an Exotic sword that looks like it belongs in a Final Fantasy spin-off.

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Below, we’ve compiled an easy step by step guide for you on how to unlock The Lament in Destiny 2. Be warned though, story spoilers do appear throughout.

How To Unlock The Lament? First, Talk to Banshee

Much like any quest, there needs to be a quest-giver. When asking “how to unlock The Lament?”, you first need to take that question to Banshee-44. Banshee is the Gunsmith in the Tower, someone you may have spoken to before.

From there, you will receive step 1 of 11 of a quest titled “Lost Lament”

Step One – Starting “Lost Lament”

The first step of this quest is to “Locate and scan 3 dead Exos on Europa.”

Now this one might be kind of tricky as there are a total of 9 dead Exos on Europa, but there will only be 3 that you are actually able to activate. The quest step gives you clues to figure out the location of your specific Exos, though. So, if you’d like to figure it out on your own, feel free to give it a shot! If not, I’ve got the location of my 3 down below!

I found my first Exo in Cadmus Ridge on the edge of a snowy peak:

Credit: Bungie
Credit: Bungie

I found my second Exo in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins on Europa:

Credit: Bungie
Credit: Bungie

And my third and final Exo was found in the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss on Europa:

Credit: Bungie
Credit: Bungie

Step Two – Finding A Giant Exo…Head

The next step of the quest is to find a Giant Exo, but this ends up just being a huge head.

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It turns out that the Giant Exo Head you find is the Giant Exo Head of Clovis Bray, creator of the Exos. To find Clovis, you’re gonna want to go to the Bray Exoscience location on Europa:

Credit: Bungie

From there, you’re gonna want to head into the facility and instead of heading forward, you’re gonna want to take a right

Credit: Bungie

Then, you need to head through the open door…

Credit: Bungie

Look to your right and you’ll see another door. Go through it. Follow the path until you get to this big doorway.

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I know. It’s a lot of doors… But, you’re almost there.

Credit: Bungie

Once you reach this doorway, you’re gonna just keep going forward until you hit…wait for it…another doorway!

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Bungie

Go through the doorway and drop down the big hole in the ground. Proceed onward until you reach a yellow doorway. Who knew they could have different colours?

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Bungie

Again, proceed forward along the left side of the room until you reach a platform and then jump off the platform to the platform below:

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Bungie

Go through the big hole in the ground yet again! Really getting deep now.

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Bungie

So you’ve reached the bottom of another hole, what now? Well, keep going forward!

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You’ll see a white doorway on the left side of the room that you’ll need to go through.

Credit: Bungie

Once you’ve made it through, you’ll need to just keep going through doors until you reach a big hallway. Then, turn left…

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Bungie

Congrats! (And thank god for that!) You’ve made it to the big Exo head! Speak with him and he’ll give you the next step of your quest for The Lament.

Step Three – Kill Vex on Europa

Classically, Clovis wants you to “prove your worth” to him. Because, of course he does.

To do this you must kill 100 Vex and 20 Minotaur/ Hydra/ Cyclops with a sword on Europa.

Personally, I found the easiest way to do this was to camp out a Public Event in Asterion Abyss and wait for the “Disrupt Vex Construction” event to pop up.

Once the event appears, rally to the flag to refill all of your ammo and just wait for the Vex to spawn. You should be able to do this in a single event if you get lucky and no one else shows up to steal your kills, but it might take 2 if not. It’s worth noting, make sure to load up your Sword reserves and scavenger mods to make sure you stay loaded.

Step Four – Exo Challenge

After this, the next step in “how to unlock The Lament” is to complete an Exo Challenge on Europa.

This is actually really straight forward, it’s just a jumping puzzle with a “boss fight” at the end.

The Boss Fight itself is just a big Hydra who goes down in a couple Xenophage shots. So, not too much trouble. This may be on a weekly rotation so it may be different for you, but for now it’s a jumping puzzle.

The first Exo Challenge completed every week per character will grant a piece of Powerful gear as well, so that’s a cool bonus if you haven’t already completed it before this quest step.

Step Five – Vex Finishers

The next step is to use Finishers to kill Vex, though this is not limited to Europa. Thankfully, it can be anywhere in the system.

Stronger enemies are worth more, however, so your best best may be to farm some Lost Sectors and get some gear while you’re at it.

Red bar enemies are worth about 2% and according to Datto, “stronger are worth ehhh a pretty good amount more.”

Step Five – The Glassway Strike

Once you’ve finished the previous step (get it?) you need to hop into The Glassway Strike to obtain blade pieces from a Harpy that spawns alongside the final boss.

How To Unlock The Lament
Credit: Datto

You don’t actually need to complete the Strike, but you’re at the final boss. So… Unless you’re on a real time crunch, you might as well just finish it for the loot.

Once you complete this, head back to Banshee where he will give you the next step to find a bunker under the ice on Europa.

Step Six – Underground Bunker

This bunker is actually just the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in the Eventide Ruins on Europa. All you have to do is clear the Lost Sector, kill the boss, loot the cache at the end, and you’ll get the next step.

Step Seven – Reforging the Past

Once you’ve completed the Lost Sector, you will have now unlocked a mission called “Reforging the Past.”

An urgent distress call to aid Clovis Bray, which is ironically sent by Clovis Bray, sends you back to the big giant Exo head. So, you’ll need to follow the path outlined above, again. (Sorry!)

Once you reach the Exo Head, you will receive the Exotic Sword “The Lament” from Clovis Bray himself. Equip it and go to town on every enemy in sight.

Once that is done, you’ll head back to the Tower, talk to Banshee, and that’s the Exotic Quest all wrapped up!

I hope you found this guide useful (if not, just use this Datto video since he’s the OG Destiny guide) Let me know what you think of The Lament!

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